Not Really Vegan Out: Day 21

The final day of this vegan experiment was really yesterday – I dove off the big green wagon on Day 21. How cliche!  I told my pal Meg that I would make some “sausage” biscuits for marathon-watching breakfast, and when I made that promise I knew it was all over.  While I think I actually found some vegan biscuits (Kroger saver brand) the Morningstar Sausages are not listed in the vegan category on their website.  I’m all about honesty, and that’s the truth – sorry if it disappoints anyone that I didn’t make it through the last day.  So, that’s it – moving on….

While I brought breakfast to the table, Megs brought homemade bloody marys.  We took our small picnic outside and watched the marathoners for about 40 minutes before seeing our friends, Genevieve and Carie run by, just a mile from completing their first half marathon!  It was really exciting.

The Rock n’ Roll marathon means there was a band at every mile, and we were lucky enough to be near The School of Rock, which was a band of kids playing classic rock on an bridge over 13th street.

I loved seeing all these people running through my  neighborhood!  I really caught the running bug watching everyone go by – I wanted to be out there instead of a spectator!

We caught up with the gals at the finish line for some hugs and congratulations

They were super hungry and wanted some greasy food so we headed to Uptown Brothers for a little brunch.  The runners had some breakfast, and macaroni and cheese, fries and mashed potatoes.  Oh, and some hot wings – they really got after it….and it was much deserved!  The average runner burns about 100 calories per mile, which means they were starting the day with a 1300 calorie defecit.  Way to go girls!

I had a Fried Green Tomato BLT, with Avocado instead of the “B”

It tasted good but was a major mistake…I felt like total crap the rest of the day.

On the way home, I checked out some of the unique things about my neighborhood.  It’s a mix of beautiful old architecture

And Street Art

After all that Sunday Funday (bloody mary, plus drinks at lunch) it was n-a-p t-i-m-e

I was pretty worthless the rest of the day.  I watched 60 Minutes and a Food Documentary, and ate some honeycrisp apples and vegetable soup.  I was feeling pretty puny, likely from the double whammy of bad food after eating so well for three weeks.  I’m pretty disappointed with myself on how this whole thing ended.   I’m planning on making it up tomorrow.  Monday will really be my Day 21.  Is that allowed?


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