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Food from Containers

I should just re-name this blog “Meghan refuses to cook for herself” because that’s just been the case lately. 

Breakfast was standard Clif, but best flavor ever

Lunch from a box: Tofu Masala, Vegetable Dal, Rice Pliaf and Mixed Veggies from Whole Foods

…could have used some Siriacha

My office is above a restaurant, but never eat there.  Check out yesterday’s “special” for an idea as to why

Last night I got home at about 8:30, put my stuff down and left my condo on foot.

I returned shortly thereafter with the following snacks

And Kung Pao Tofu that was off tha chain

I was worried about only getting  tofu, broccoli and peanuts in  this dish, but to my gleeful surprise it was filled with onions, peppers, mushrooms, water chestnuts, celery and peas.  This will definitely become a repeat offender  dinner at Chez Meg. 


Nanny Bites

Most often I am a 20-something urbanish chick, with a penchant for happy hours after hard week, but occasionally, I am a nanny.  It’s epically hard to try to eat well while watching someone else’s young children.  5 Year olds don’t want to eat what adults eat, so it’s usually an endless parade of Mac ‘n Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Fish Sticks, etc.  This past weekend I was a full time caregiver to an awesome little 5 year old dude, and his parents were kind enough to ask me what I ate so they could stock the fridge.  The resulting weekend meals were a mix of kid and adult food…

Veggie Sandwich with Mac & Strawberries

Hummus, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomato (coulda really used some dijon)

Little guy gets up at 6:30.  Times this pic by three

Flax-iful Waffles become…

REALLY Flax-iful waffles w/ Peanut Butter, Bananas and MORE FLAX

I was lucky enough to get to try these gems

Holy Cuss this was good… Looks like the “real thing”, no?

I had to remove Curious George and the Man in the Yellow hat before partaking…

Dinner last night was pretty typical, plus a yummy salad w/ avos

Now it’s back to the real world…busy week ahead with 2 volunteering nights (I think I forgot to mention I was placed with the Literacy Coalition and am a GED Tutor!), a work dinner, a dinner with friends on Thursday.

30 things to start doing before 30

1.  Pay yourself first – Start a 401k or IRA 

2.  Wear sunscreen.  Daily.  You are gorgeous now and will want to look gorgeous at 60. 

3. Return all of your calls and emails.  You’re getting too old to blow people off.

4.  Get out of the country.  Seriously, GO SOMEWHERE!

4. Recycle.  Or ride a bike.  Make one small commitment to the environment then watch it grow. 

5.  Take accountability for your decisions.  Everyone these days says “I only smoke when they drink”  Whatever…Own it!

6.  Be honest.  Always.

7. Bump up your work ethic and actually WORK at work.  Be a valuable employee and get paid what you deserve. 

8. Do good for your body. Find an activity you like (Tennis, Yoga, Jogging) and go do it!  

9. Grow something, whether it’s flowers in your front yard, vegetables in the back, or just a small mint plant in your kitchen for mojitos

10.  Offer to pay for dinner when you go out with your parents.  They probably won’t take you up on it, but you should still try.

11. Ask for and accept help from others.  You can still be “Miss Independent” even though your boyfriend helps manage your investments, your dad checks the tires on your car, and all your best recipes come from your neighbor.

12. Offer help to others in any way you can.   

13.  Occasionally write a letter or send a postcard to someone you haven’t seen in a while.  It will make their day. 

14.  Be a “yes” person.  One day you might not have the time to accept all those happy hour and party invites you’re getting now. 

15.  Speak up!  Life is so much better when you’re honest about your wants and needs. 

16.  Carrots > Cheetos.  Educate yourself about food and make the best decisions you can.

17.  Be on time.  Being late all the time is rude.  Period.

18.  Check your insecurities at the door.  If you want a pina colada with whipped cream and cherries when everyone else is drinking beer, who cares? 

19.   Admit when you’ve been wrong/irrational/unfair.   It’s scary at first but then it feels amazing.   

20.  Live by yourself and enjoy the silence. 

21. Craft your negotiation skills so you can ask for a raise, buy a new car, or lower your interest rate.

22.  Have your photo taken.  Your 20-something self should exist somewhere other than on a discarded camera phone.

23.  Expand your horizons:  Read news outside of your country, or cook a meal native to another part of the world.

24.  Back up the data on your computer.  A forever lost  iTunes library is a sad, sad thing. 

25.  Take a day off and be a tourist in your own city.  Ask for advice on where to eat and visit – you might find your new favorite place or meet a new friend. 

26.  Love your body.  Today might be the youngest you’ll ever look so embrace it!

27.  Educate yourself:  Learn how to check your oil, poach an egg, or speak another language.

28.  Make a CD of your most favorite songs and burn copies for your friends.

29.  Learn how to control your emotions when necessary.   No one wants to cry in front of their boss. 

30.  Love without fear.  It might take you awhile to get there, but I bet it’s worth the journey.

Spring Fevah

Lunch has lightened up.  Eating cut veggies, hummus, pita chips and apples these days.  It’s mega-fuel to get me through that 3pm slump! 


I needed lots of energy heading in to this packed weekend.  Drove up to Vail on Saturday morning to meet the gals and catch my most favorite guy, Robert Earl Keen in concert 


Beautiful Views all around 


Beautiful Friends too 


Miss Sarah came from London for a visit 

(She works for Arsenal, could I be more jealous?!) 


Drank some beers and ended the night in a proper fashion – Veggie Sammie! 


Headed back to Denver in the morning, with the best road trip snack EVER 

(You can order this by the case online, and  you won’t be sorry you did) 


Got back to Denver in time for a tailgate party picnic 


And some sunbathing at the Rapids game 


Wiped off the layer of sunscreen just in time to make it to the Avs Playoff Game


The Avs won in OT, and the star of the game was goalie Craig Anderson, who had 51 saves for the shutout!  

Whew, I’m tired just reading this post.  And the fun doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, my inbox is full with evites for BBQs, picnics and fun.  Everyone has spring fever and I LOVE IT!

Hipstamatic Fantastic

Meet Hipstamatic, the app that takes your silly iPhone and turns it into something  much better…a 1970’s vintage camera that produces prints with a polaroid feel.  j’adore. 

  View of Denver from my office

Tree on Hanover Street in Boston

Self Portrait

Late Night Snack

Breakfast this morning

Back to Boston

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, mostly because I’ve been incredibly busy at work and also eating a bunch of bad food like I’m auditioning for the next season of Man vs. Food.  Who wants to see a picture of the fried shrimp basket I sucked down last night?  (The word “Basket” implies that whatever you’ve ordered comes served on a heaping mound of fries) I certainly don’t need a visual reminder, my tummy ache will suffice.

 So yes, there has been some tremendously bad eating, some crazy work days and one fantastic trip to Boston to see the big guy.  Here are my three favorite pictures from the trip:

My favorite tree on Hanover Street

Our feet on the T

A shared Veggie Pizza and pitcher of Sam at Reginas make for the best late night date

To conclude this post in a rather depressing way, a food item that I had previously thought was just a comic marketing ploy to generate talk about KFC is actually a menu item now.  Meet the Double Down, a “sandwich” that consists of mayo, bacon and cheese between two fried chicken breasts.   I have no words.