Vegan Out: Day 20

Saturday began with two cups of Coffee and then a Yoga Sculpt class.  Not too smart – let’s dehydrate before sweating our asses off!

When I got home I was feeling rather ambitious and craving Mexican food.  So, I decided to make some breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas. I began with Vegan Dad’s Tofu Scramble, and added some sauteed onions, spinach, Daiya and Spicy Salsa.

You can check out the Tortilla Recipe at Homesick Texan.  I subbed Almond Milk for Cow Milk.  The key to this recipe is patience – it involves about 30 minutes of wait time.  I haven’t gotten the hang of the tortilla yet – they still came out pretty dense.

The tofu scramble is an easy breakfast go to, as you can make it in 10 minutes and  add anything you like to it depending on mood.  I think my next foray will be a version of Migas, black beans, jalapenos, cheese and salsa – served with tortillas.

For my tacos today, I added Spinach, Carmelized Onions and Daiya “Cheese”

The finished product looked good and tasted AMAZING

I don’t have much to report between brunch and dinner…I relaxed, watched a little history channel and a little college football.  Pretty lazy Saturday.  I had a fun night ahead, as a friend was having a party at a local dive bar.

I knew I needed to carbo load before going for beers, as I was planning on riding my bike and didn’t want to get too tipsy!  Perfect solution – sauteed zucchinis and asparagus with brown rice and soy sauce.  I ate two bowls and felt totally ready to go.

After eating my greens, I decided to put on some green.  Green Eyeshadow that is!  My friend Lauren had made us all New Kids on the Block shirts, so with my teal tights and jorts (jean shorts) I was so ready to go to the Rock Stars & Groupies Party.  I tried to get my 1991 Bang Flip down, but just lack the necessary teasing and hairspray skills these days.

Looked sort of mom-ish instead of 80’s.  Oh well – I had to ride my bike, and thus wear a helmet so the effort was sort of pointless anyways.  I arrived at the Candelight Tavern at 9pm and immediately saw very drunk people stumbling out of the bar.  The party must be in full effect, and boy was it.

Check out my 80’s outfit, complete with teal tights & brightly colored accessories.

There were all sorts of amazing outfits, including Jana’s original Jeggings from the 80’s – a glorious hand-me-down from her obviously stylish aunt.  Seriously – they were spandex.

I had a really good time hanging out with my elves friends.  Really, could I be any taller? I feel like Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride.

I finished off 3 beers and decided to pedal myself home at about 11pm.  I stopped by the grocery store to get some food for breakfast Sunday morning, and found myself standing in front of all the frozen displays of pizza & macaroni and cheese.  I did what any rational, half-tipsy person would do.  I bought myself some ripe avocados and went home and made guacamole.  Mmmm delicioso!

I fell asleep watching a documentary, Food Matters, that I’ll probably finish today.  Happy Sunday, loves!


One response to “Vegan Out: Day 20

  1. Preston October 18, 2010 at 7:43 am

    The breakfast tacos sound and look like one of your your best meals during these last three weeks.

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