Bella Runs

In December 2009 I completed my first Half Marathon in Dallas.  After taking (pretty much) a year off from running, save for the occasional jog with my pals, I’ve decided to do another Half – most likely the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dallas in March.  It’s a nice excuse to go back home and see my family and so something great for my body!

11/2/2010 – 4.5 miles with Merrily.  It was a little painful, especially since we had to run really fast at the end so we could get to a bathroom.  I won’t call out who had to go… Anyhow, Merrily is a great running partner because she is really positive and pushes me without pushing me.

11/7/2010 – 4.5ish miles with Merrily. We ran in City Park – it was 65 degrees and sunny, and  the run provided some gorgeous views of Downtown and the mountains.  With a 3.2 mile trail and lots to look at, City Park might become one of my new favorite spots to run!

11/11/2010 – 4.4 Miles with Merrily. I was absolutely freezing but cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this run.  For the first time in about a year, I remembered why I liked running.  I felt so strong and great and like I could have kept on running forever.  Bring more of these runs on!

11/14/2010 – 4.4 Miles with Merrily. It was 30 degrees out but I tried Merrily’s “Less is more” approach on my bottom half and was actually quite warm.  My body, however, would have liked to stop after about Mile 3.  Hit a major wall.   I wonder if I’ll ever get out for a run on my own?

11/21/2010 – 2.5 Miles – Treadmill.  I ran for 30 minutes at what I felt was a pretty good clip but somehow only did 2.5 miles?  Oh, and I was completely exhausted at the end…I mean crumpled on the floor heaving exhausted.  Maybe my parents 15-year-old treadmill isn’t so accurate on the mileage any longer?  Or maybe I’m farther away from fit than I originally thought…

12/08/2010 – 4 Miles with Merrily.  After quite a long hiatus and some travel, Miss M and I got back together for our regular 4 mile neighborhood loop.  I was pretty stiff but completed the run without a lot of problems.  Oh, and she reminded me of a 10k that we said we’d do – on December 18th.  GULP!

12/13/2010 – 2.5 Miles along The Strand in Hermosa Beach – I was flying on this run, completing both miles in under 9 minutes which is wicked fast for me.  And to add to the lovely beach scenery, there was a very hunky man and a tofu breakfast waiting for me at the finish.  What is better?

12/14/2010 – 4.5 Mile Holiday Fun run with Abbey & Carie –  We showed up at the Irish Snug dressed in holiday gear and antlers, prepared for an easy 3 mile loop.  Much to our surprise, the run was actually 4.5 miles.  That didn’t matter though, we killed it! Running is always more fun with friends.

12/18/2010 – 6 Miles with Merrily – Holy Cow!  I ran six miles!  And it didn’t even hurt.  That is all!

12/24/2010- 2 Miles with Tara & Kristan in Savannah, GA.  This was our attempt to “earn” all the food we knew we were going to eat over the holidays!

1/4/2011 – 4 Miles with Merrily, 1st Run of the New Year! – Hopefully this meager running trend will develop into something more regular…

1/7/2011 – 4 Miles SOLO.  It was scary running that far by myself.  Scary because I’ve apparently forgotten how to pace.  Le iPhone told me I was bouncing around from 7.5 – 12.5 minute miles.  Ridiculous!


One response to “Bella Runs

  1. Preston November 12, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    I’m glad your run went so well. Maybe the beets gave you all that energy?

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