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Birds of a Feather


Spicy “Chicken” Sandwiches

Abbey (The Beer)

Abbey (The Person)

Abbey did a great job playing tambourine on stage with the Dan Craig band

At my favorite music venue

I love all birds, and recently bought this little guy from my favorite outdoor market

It keeps an eye on me as I watch TV and eat my vegetables


The Kitchen

My dad took me out for an amazing dinner at The Kitchen in Boulder on Friday.  What a beautiful restaurant…I had a beer downstairs but we eventually moved upstairs for dinner.  They have two different menus for the differing floors, which is really interesting!

While downstairs, I enjoyed the simplistic decor

And picked out what I would have eaten from the menu

Moving upstairs, I quickly jumped on one of the starters – Garlic Fries.  They were ah-mazing

They didn’t have any Veg Mains available, so I opted for two starters

Corn Flan

And Squash Blossoms with Ricotta Cheese Stuffing

Wow.  The Corn Flan was so creamy and savory, while the Squash Blossoms were served with thinly sliced grilled zucchini.  They had such a smoky grilled flavor that I would have been happy with just an entire plate of them.

My dad and I both love Toffee, so naturally we chose the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.  Here’s the picture that was taken after we attempted to re-assemble the dish after a few bites were taken…

This might have been one of my favorite meals I’ve had in Colorado.  I know I say that a lot, which I can only assume means that the Denver/Boulder dining scene is constantly improving which makes me a really happy lady!

Thanks again, Dad!

Mile High Music Fest!

What a fun weekend!  Here’s my story dans les photographies.  (My mom and I are talking about going to Paris in early 2011, so you’re all going to get mini French lessons along the way!)

Enjoying music with 35,000 other people is always amazing

Lots of big Bud Lites were consumed, wrapped in Festival Bandanas

My friend Kellie and I got on a seesaw that powered a sno-cone machine!

I met the Captain (and his wenches)

And got a beautiful hand-screened festival bag which I’m going to use at the grocery store

I had a great time relaxing with my friend John

And Kellie did  too

I got my first tattoo (airbrushed, of course)

And Abbey got the chinese symbol for “Dragon” on her foot…badass

Then I met a model?  dancer? who knows? from Beta Nightclub

And enjoyed more crowd watching

Then I drank a few Fat Tires, and decided to wear my bandana like a Samurai

Which caused my friend Kyle to cause me Ralph Macchio.  So of course, I had to challenge him

I think I won…

Shortly thereafter, the sun began to sink on Day Two

I met up with some old Rapids friends

And we all went to watch Dave Matthews Band

And that was it! La Fin!

Breckenridge Days 2 & 3

We got up early to go hike the Lily Pond Trail.  Here’s the view from the first hill

The Family that Hikes together stays together

My Aunt Susan (who I got my height, mannerisms & handwriting from) and I

On the trail, my cousin Abby proves that Dallas girls can accessorize anywhere

Little Miss Fashion Plate is more like it!

We crossed some bridges on the trail, which was fun.  Did you know I love bridges of all shapes and sizes?

A mile and a half later, we arrived at the big destination, Lily Pad Pond

Your truly w/ the lilies

We then found a second, bigger lake which was a fun surprise

The rest of the day was spent eating pizza and relaxing.  On Day three we decided to ride the gondola to the top of Peak 8 and try the Alpine Slide.

Cousins on the Gondola

My dad and brother on the ride up

The slide was really fun!  This was the view from the top

The oldest & youngest grandchild – post slide

Killian tried out the maze next.  We had fun shouting at him from the observation deck

Happy Birthday to the cousins!  Killian is turning 21 on the 7th  and Alex is turning 18 on the 8th.  Both my grandfather and my brother have August 7th birthdays, and Susan went into labor with Alex on August 6th so we were all excited at the possiblity of having 3 birthdays on August 7th.  But Alex, in fashionable style, decided to hang out and not grace us with her presence until the 8th.  

After the slide, I had a couple of these…

And the rest of the day was groggy and downhill from there! 

Breckenridge – Day 1

Watch out Breckenridge!  The Rubles have arrived!

We’re staying in a beautiful house just outside of town.  Check out the view from the back deck

First stop in Breck was Crepes a la Cart – my cousins’ favorite spot.  Meet Alex & Emily

They have savory and sweet crepes – on the right is my Crepe Suzette (Butter, Sugar & Grand Marnier)

The girls opted for something a bit more decadent – Smores Crepes

We dug in – the crepes were great but probably not the best pre-dinner snack

After crepes, we met our family at Empire Burger for dinner.  Here’s me and my foxy grandparents

My cousin Logan spent most of dinner checking out the scene below the restaurant

We dug in to burgers… I had a really tasty portabello sandwich with guacamole

And some out of this world Onion Rings

Crepe + Onion Rings = Happy Tummyache

Lost Boys

I had my first Film on the Rocks experience on Tuesday.  How can I have lived in Colorado for 4 years and not done that yet?  I’ll never know.  But – my first FOTR experience could not have been any better.  I was screaming and giggling like a 12 year old the entire time.  Why?  The movie playing was Lost Boys, which I had yet to see.  It was so fabulously 80’s and so fabulously cheesy and vampire-filled.  I can’t put into words how much fun I had hooting & hollering alongside 8,000 other people at Red Rocks every time Kiefer Sutherland appeared on the big screen.

Here’s some shots from the night…

Meg and I tailgating.  It was really windy, and this picture will forever serve as a reminder that I would not look good with a pixie cut…

The view entering Red Rocks.  Can you see Denver way back there?

Local opening band – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.  The lead singer Hayley is super sexy!

Some views from around the park

I discovered the Red Rocks museum for the first time.  My favorite pic was of Eddie Vedder in 1995

Finally the lights went down, and we were treated to beautiful views

And a Merrie Melodies Cartoon : Duck Dodger!

Then Lost Boys came on and I was immediately entranced by the vision of a vampire Kiefer Sutherland weaving through a carousel on a boardwalk in Santa Carla…

An hour and a half of yelling, popcorn, beer, wind and rain later, the film was over and the happy crowd headed back down to the big city.  Good night!