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To Market

Wednesday was a Venti kind of day.  Check out the flavor of my nuts!

After a rough first few days of the week, I decided to get some fresh air for lunch at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market

There’s lots of pretty things to look at

And lots of food trucks & carts from which to eat

I ended up choosing a new place

Interesting name…”Pinche” roughly translates to “Fucking”

Here are my Pinche Vegetarian Tacos

And my Pinche favorite soft drink

Too bad all this festivity was a bit dampened by Bella’s first Colorado Speeding ticket, captured on film by one of those sneaky PINCHE radar vans!


Oh My Almonds….

A quick trip to Whole Foods last night yielded a discovery of Darwinian proportions

Amigos, meet my new best friend, Almond “Cheese”

Check out those stats!  Almost no fat + 7g Protein?! Amazing.

I quickly combined my two favorite dinners- ‘dilla and snack plate

The Almond “cheese” melted around my spinach, just like the real thing

If you want to know how it tasted, just check out my expression below

(plus my cool chef bandana)

I have successfully created a completely healthy quesadilla.  I think I’ll go die of happiness now.

This Last Week

I’m slacking!  Here’s a ton of photos from the past week’s events.  Last Friday (the 16th) my lovely friend Lauren was in town from New York, so we met up for brunch after I got off at noon.  (Half day Fridays in the summer are THE BEST!)

Started the weekend off at Snooze with a Mimosa

The dish that unceremoniously ended my three days of Vegan-ness…Caprese Benedict

After brunch we went shopping.  (Always a good idea to hit the Nordstrom yearly sale when boozed up, right?)

Dinner was at Venue, one of my favorite restaurants in Denver.  They  have wonderful food and good service, but professional photographers they are not…

Take 1

Take 2

Fortunately my photo skills came through for la comida

Dumplings with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Here fishy fishy!  My halibut…

That pretty much wraps up my Friday Funday with Lauren.

My mama came in town on Saturday and we went to the Molly Brown House (which is in my amazing neighborhood!)

Everything in this home is pre-1920, so I absolutely loved it.  And did you know that Miss Margaret Brown was never called Molly during her lifetime?  That nickname was coined for the stage production of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” as Molly was easier to write into songs than “Margaret”  I wonder how the outspoken Mrs. Brown would feel about that?



The greatness kept going on Tuesday, with the Kings of Leon concert

And some QPT (Quality Pool Time) on Friday at Genevieve’s place, which looks more like a snazzy resort

I wore SPF 85 by the pool so unfortunately I’m not any less vampire-ish than I was before

I’ll leave you all with my new favorite beer…Karma by Avery Brewing. Love the label, love the name, love the taste!

Cheers, Amigos!

Sir Paul Thursday

Started Thursday off right with some Big Guy Oatmeal (McCanns w. blueberries).  I was pretty excited because Thursday night was bringing the Paul McCartney concert!  But I’ll get to that, hang in there with me…there are lots of photos today.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be eating lunch until about 1, I had to bring this bad boy in.  So sweet & juicy!

Went to lunch with two girlfriends, Lauren and Ashley, to one of my fav spots Vert.  Had the Vegan Sandwich which was delicious! It changes every day so it’s always a treat.

2 strange things happened at lunch:

1. While ordering the Veg sandwich I was offered mozzarella, and I said “No cheese, thank you!” only to get cheese on my side salad.  What the cuss?  So I only had about two bites, and my girl Lauren helped me polish it off.

2.  A woman approached me and stared at my face while calling me Tina, rather insistently (like I was ignoring her) before I finally said, “Oh, I’m Meghan” to which she looked confused and then said, “Oh wow, you look exactly like a woman I went to college with”.  Here’s the fun part: This lady was at least 10 years older than me.  Yikes… good news is I’ve gotten lots of mileage and jokes out of this story already.  When told to some gals today, Lauren’s friend Delain said “Oh that’s nothing…my dry cleaning women ran at me the other day shreeking “Oh You’re PREGNANT!”  Delain replies, “Nope, just a fat day.”   At least we’ve both got a good sense of humor!

On to dinner…I don’t have much in my fridge so I whipped up a quick salad of tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados and ate it with two HUGE slices of sourdough bread.  (To soak up the beers about to be consumed at Paul McCartney!)

On to the concert.  It was the best show I’ve ever seen!  He played for almost three hours, with tons of energy and almost no breaks.  The songs were played against a backdrop of personal photos from the 60’s, which I loved.  He also told some intimate stories about seeing Jimi Hendrix play, and sang a song about what he would say to John Lennon if he had the chance.  The highlight of the show for me was an acoustic version of Blackbird on an almost completely dark stage.  It was beautiful, and I cried.  Other highlights include Daytripper, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let it Be, Get Back, Band on the Run, Something In the Way She Moves, Lady Madonna (My Mom’s Favorite) and Helter Skelter complete with indoor fireworks.

Give Peace A Chance

Helter Skelter with Fireworks

Mom and I

Abbey, Genevieve and I after the show

And finally, Sir Paul giving the requisite love to the locals by waving the Colorado Flag at the start of his encore

Keep it Simple

Veggin’ out: Day 2

Yesterday was day two of this Veg-speriment, and I’ve got to say I’m feeling pretty good!  I’m sleeping well with no tummy aches, my food expenses haven’t changed and  I’m estimating I’m down a pound or two.  (Which wasn’t an intended result, but I’ll take it!)  Inspired by a recent Whole Foods Blog post, I decided to try to eat foods in their natural state as much as possible yesterday.  The blog suggested to celebrate the summer by turning off the oven and enjoying fresh, uncooked food.  So I did!  Well, except for lunch- can’t always avoid leftovers.

Breakfast was a really juicy Peach

Lunch was Leftover Tofu & Green Beans.  I’ll spare you the repeat picture.  Afternoon snack was  a plum, and sadly this picture shows the only bite I took.  It was unbelievably bitter!

Dinner was inspired by a recent episode of Everyday Italian.  I made a simple Mushroom Salad and ate it alongside a warm piece of sourdough topped with pesto and fresh tomatoes.    The Mushroom Salad recipe calls for thinly sliced mushrooms in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing, garnished with parsley and salt and pepper.  I liked everything but the parsley, so I’ll try this again with some different greenery.  I also added some scallions and garlic salt, as I pretty much add garlic to everything. 

Finished off my evening with a little Superliga action.  Now that the World Cup is over, it’s all about MLS Soccer action.   Cheers to the New England Revolution and their 1-0 victory over Pumas! 

Drinking a Mexican beer while cheering for the American side…

My friend Lauren is coming in town today, and we’re headed for one of my favorite lunch spots, Vert Kitchen.  Then it’s on to a Happy Hour and the Paul McCartney concert tonight with my mom.  What a great Thursday! 

Vegan for a day…or two

I think the word Vegan is associated most often with thoughts of “crazy granola breath hippie!”  But in reality, Veganism is simply a choice to eat only plant-based foods. Doesn’t sound so looney that way, huh? What’s scary about the food path that I’m on is that it feels quite slippery. Meaning the less I eat, the less I want to eat. I’m not talking quantity either.  I began by giving up beef, then pork shortly thereafter, then without even really realizing it, I’d given up chicken too.  Now I find myself avoiding dairy.  I’m a little scared at the ideas my brain is producing regarding food, so I’m just trying to relax and enjoy eating well without too much extra thought. 

 That being said, I’ve decided to try to eat Vegan for a few days, to see if I feel any different, or notice any associated food prep time or cost incurred.  Yesterday was pretty easy as I went out to lunch at Sputnik, which is most notably a hipster bar, but they offer up lots of Veg choices during the daytime. 

Hearts of Palm Salad w/ Creamy Mustard Dressing

Vegan Tacos.  O…M…G.  Black beans, corn, pepitas, avos and guacamole crema.

For the DIY portion of Vegan day(s) I made some roasted green beans and tofu with Peanut Sauce

My favorite way to cook green beans is under the broiler with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  I’m not going to post the Peanut Sauce recipe because it wasn’t that great.  Tasted too much like just straight peanut butter, no matter how much Siriracha I added.  Off to find a better one for next time…


On a delicious end note, meet my new favorite snack: Sahale Pomegranate & Vanilla Cashews

I got to try these on my Jet Blue flight back from Boston and they are amazing.  I had half the bag last night for dessert, and finished it off this morning with my coffee.  Sweet, crunchy, addicting!


Win a Bike!

My most favorite company ever, New Belgium Brewing, is giving away a custom cruiser bike everyday between now and September 6th!  Get yourself on over there and enter to win.  Then you can get all dressed up and take your new cruiser on over to one of NB’s Tour De Fat events.  Two wheels, one love!


(Mackenzie and I at Tour De Fat – 2008)

Bella & Stella

Tuesday was a long one, with my flight from Boston arriving after midnight and then not getting home until 1:30.  After a short sleep and full work day, I was rejuvenated at the idea of heading to Kellie’s beloved studio for a Stella & Dot jewelry party.  Girlfriends, gorgeous jewelry, wine and snacks? It doesn’t get much better.

But before heading to Kel’s, I had to do some pre-cocktail carbo loading.  I’m quite proud of what I concocted after a weekend away without a return trip to the grocery store.  We’re talking scraping the bottom of the barrel fridge here…

I sautéed some broccoli in garlic, white wine and soy sauce.  At the same time, I cooked some whole wheat noodles and then added those to the hot skillet with broccoli for a quick pan fry.

I added some red pepper for spice, and was really happy with the results!  Light & Tasty

Then it was off to Kellie’s Studio.  Kel is an amazing photographer, and I’m in love with both her work and her studio space.  It’s so comfortable and perfectly farmhouse shabby chic.  I tell her all the time I want to live there.

Wall in the Shared Kitchen

Vintage Plates in the Kitchen

But enough geeking out over exposed brick…on to the party!  Stella & Dot has gorgeous jewelry

Lots to try on…

I ended up with a new necklace and earrings that I’m sure I’ll show off later.

What I didn’t photograph was the snackalicious spread!  After eating tons of hummus & dippers, along with quite a few brownies, I left the party with a round tummy and diminished pocketbook.  Meaning fun was had by all!

Silly Boston

I spent the July 4th Holiday in Boston with the big guy, and it was great!  Instead of taking pictures of all the wonderful food we ate and the places we went, I ended up with about a dozen completely silly shots from around town.

City Yoga?

Getting Serious about Soccer

Getting off the T on Saturday to figure out it’s July 4th…YEAH!


Back Bay Tree Hugging

In the midst of all this madness were two World Cup Quarterfinal games, lots of beers, a sushi dinner, a few naps, a trip to Shirley to see the Burpo clan, some amazing grilled Salmon and the most delicious cookies express mailed from Seattle.  Thanks Mary Jo!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekends as much as I did!