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Denver Eats: Jelly

With Monday being my first day allowed out of the house after having El Influenza, I was excited to take the big guy up on an offer for lunch out.  There’s a new retro-styled Breakfast & Lunch joint in our neighborhood called Jelly that I’ve been waiting to try.

I really wish I had taken more pictures because the restaurant is just plain cute, from the menus to the mason jar water glasses.  But, I was distracted by the hunkster.  Typical.

We ordered a nice mix of breki and lunch.  Preston got the Salmon Scramble

And a rather large order of buckwheat pancakes

While I didn’t try the scramble, the ‘cakes were hearty and delicious with just a bit of syrup on top.

I myself ordered the veggie burger and sweet potato fries

While eating this burger smothered in roasted red peppers, zucchini, mixed greens and herbed mayo, I found myself thinking, “This thang can’t be healthy.”  The bun was just so buttery and decadent.   Then I thought, “Who cares?  It’s delicious!”  The Big Guy had half my burger and agreed upon the deliciousness.  The Sweet Potato fries were good, crispy and sprinkled with sea salt – just how they should be.

With price points between $6-$9 for most meals, and yummy bites all the way around, we agreed we’ll be visiting Jelly again.  I love having more choices just down the street!

Show them some love at www.eatmorejelly.com



Denver Eats: Rooster & Moon

I checked out a new lunch spot in Denver this week – Rooster & Moon.  It’s a coffee shop turned pub that has free WiFi and a full menu.  Oh, and it’s right in my neighborhood at 9th and Bannock!

Fun(ky) little vibe.  I dug it.

I was drawn to the Caprese sandwich, naturally, and a berry salad that came with  jalapeno vinaigrette.  The sandwich was served warm on crunchy ciabatta, and the salad was the perfect mix of sweet and savory.  While this was one of my favorite lunches I’ve had in a long time (and a steal at $6.50) I was still really hungry when I finished eating.  I could have easily eaten a whole additional plate.  I don’t feel like I need huge amounts of food to be satisfied, so before I pooh-pooh the portion sizes too much, I’ll go back for round 2.

My girl Abba-dabba had the Flatbread and Hummus sandwich, and the same salad.  She said it was really good!

The first write-up I read about Rooster and Moon mentioned their homemade Banana Pudding, which is supposedly an employee’s Grandmother’s recipe.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Bananas, this little treat was amazing.  The flavor was outstanding and the consistency was more mousse-like.  The crumbled Nilla wafers added just the right amount of texture.  I loved it!

Next time I visit Rooster & Moon, I’m going to go for the full size version of the Berry Salad and see if that does the trick in filling me up.  If not, this place might be a heartbreaker!

Noshin’ with our Neighbors to the North

I kicked off my Toronto vacation eats in the airport with a tasty new bar: The Bumble Bar.  It is entirely vegan and possibly one of the hippiest things I’ve ever eaten.  It looks like bird seed, but it tastes delish!

In the lovely city of Toronto, there were some equally hippie eats which I enjoyed equally as much.  But before we get to the food, let’s talk Coffee.  Manic Coffee that is.  I loved this place – my soy latte was ah-mazing, and the vibe was so laid back hipster which made me feel right at home.

I slurped down my latte so fast that I pretty much didn’t have anything left to photo.  (Except the adorable cup & saucer)

After coffee we continued our walkabout in Kensington Market and after 4 blocks or so we found ourselves at Urban Herbivore.  Okay, so the ladies working behind the counter were either on LSD or just completely out to lunch, but let’s put that aside for un momento so I can rave about the food.

It. Was. SO. Good. Best Veg Sandwich I’ve ever had. 

It was Sesame Tempeh with Olive Tapenade, Lettuce,  Sprouts, Avocados and Lemony Tahini Dressing on warm crunchy whole grain bread. Heaven.

We also had a bowl of the Moroccan Stew with Quinoa.   It was warm and savory with huge chunks of butternut squash and potatoes.

What’s better than Moroccan Stew you ask?  Hunky Big Guy Eating Moroccan Stew.  You’re welcome.

After a bit of a walk back to our hotel and a nap, we were ready for dinner.  We went to a local brewery (yay!) in the Distillery District called Mill Street Brewpub.  I was enjoying my Wit Beers and Mussles way too much to snap any photos, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that this was another pretty tasty Toronto Meal. 

Fast forward to Sunday Morning at the Queen and Beaver.  Yes, we made our Soccer Brunch happen!  While watching the Liverpool/Tottenham game, we enjoyed one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. 

Check out that spread!  Buttermilk and Apple Pancakes, Salmon Benedict and an Artichoke and Olive Toast.

First up: Pancakes.  Mary Mother of Christmas these guys were stupendous!  We didn’t even put syrup on them.  Just dug straight in and enjoyed the cinnamon apple compote and whipped vanilla cream cheese on top. 

The Salmon benny was great too – thick crunchy slice of toast, perfectly smoked salmon that was not the least bit dry, and a tasty egg with creamy hollandaise sauce.  Divine!

I didn’t get to photograph the toast because we munched it away too quickly.  It was really good though, and would be an amazing compliment to any meal.  But what bread dish wouldn’t really?

That concludes my photographic food tour of Toronto.  Up next, a visit to Niagara Falls and some photos of everyone’s favorite couple all snazzed out for a wedding.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! 


New England Eats

Boy was my tummy happy on this last trip to the Northeast.  There were new places to explore, as always, and also some old favorites.

Penny Cluse was by far the biggest surprise and best meal of the trip.  Sadly, this lovely breakfast spot is in Burlington, Vermont so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to eat there again.

I was thrilled to find biscuits and gravy without sausage.  So that was a must, plus two over easy eggs and some crispy savory home fries.  I hadn’t had an egg in about a month, so I was scared to dive in fully but the few bites I had were delightful!

The Big Guy had a beautiful, colorful and healthy meal: Blueberry Smoothie, Gorgeous Fruit Plate & Tofu Scramble with Spicy Salsa

Another exciting find was Boston’s Pho Pasteur, which is a Vietnamese restaurant in the Theatre district.  We liked this place so much we went twice during my  5 day stay.  They bring you tea when you sit down, and I just love those little ceramic cups.

We started with Fresh Tofu rolls with Peanut Hoisin Sauce

Then it was on to noodlerama with some amazing Shrimp Pad Thai

And the biggest bowl of Seafood Pho I’ve ever seen

Here’s the big guy’s big paw for size reference.  It was pretty much a mixing bowl full of Pho!

On my last day in town, we stopped by a previously visited spot Diesel Cafe, and was reminded of how much we digged both the vibe and the food.  The restaurant is very Capitol Hill-ish in decor and clientele, and has tons of Vegetarian options.

We chose to start with soups: Spicy Tomato with Orzo & Black Bean

I had a Brie Melt with Apples, Sprouts, Tomatoes and Greens, and Preston had a Veggie & Hummus wrap, which was not photographed because I was busy chowing down on all that crunchy bread and melted cheese!

That wraps up my three favorite meals.  Other eats included a late night sushi feast –

Some tasty Vermont road trip snacks courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Lots of Coffee

And of course, on my last night there I got to visit my beloved Regina

Not Really Vegan Out: Day 21

The final day of this vegan experiment was really yesterday – I dove off the big green wagon on Day 21. How cliche!  I told my pal Meg that I would make some “sausage” biscuits for marathon-watching breakfast, and when I made that promise I knew it was all over.  While I think I actually found some vegan biscuits (Kroger saver brand) the Morningstar Sausages are not listed in the vegan category on their website.  I’m all about honesty, and that’s the truth – sorry if it disappoints anyone that I didn’t make it through the last day.  So, that’s it – moving on….

While I brought breakfast to the table, Megs brought homemade bloody marys.  We took our small picnic outside and watched the marathoners for about 40 minutes before seeing our friends, Genevieve and Carie run by, just a mile from completing their first half marathon!  It was really exciting.

The Rock n’ Roll marathon means there was a band at every mile, and we were lucky enough to be near The School of Rock, which was a band of kids playing classic rock on an bridge over 13th street.

I loved seeing all these people running through my  neighborhood!  I really caught the running bug watching everyone go by – I wanted to be out there instead of a spectator!

We caught up with the gals at the finish line for some hugs and congratulations

They were super hungry and wanted some greasy food so we headed to Uptown Brothers for a little brunch.  The runners had some breakfast, and macaroni and cheese, fries and mashed potatoes.  Oh, and some hot wings – they really got after it….and it was much deserved!  The average runner burns about 100 calories per mile, which means they were starting the day with a 1300 calorie defecit.  Way to go girls!

I had a Fried Green Tomato BLT, with Avocado instead of the “B”

It tasted good but was a major mistake…I felt like total crap the rest of the day.

On the way home, I checked out some of the unique things about my neighborhood.  It’s a mix of beautiful old architecture

And Street Art

After all that Sunday Funday (bloody mary, plus drinks at lunch) it was n-a-p t-i-m-e

I was pretty worthless the rest of the day.  I watched 60 Minutes and a Food Documentary, and ate some honeycrisp apples and vegetable soup.  I was feeling pretty puny, likely from the double whammy of bad food after eating so well for three weeks.  I’m pretty disappointed with myself on how this whole thing ended.   I’m planning on making it up tomorrow.  Monday will really be my Day 21.  Is that allowed?

Vegan Out: Day 5

Day 5 and still without Almond Milk, likely because I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store at 11 pm when I left “Happy Hour” (Which never seems to be just an hour) So, Friday morning and no Almond Milk meant another Starbucks stop. Man, I’m bad!

Venti Iced Soy Skinny Caramel Latte

I was uber hungry and knew that an apple and latte wouldn’t do it, so I picked up this bar:

I don’t have any idea if this thing had gone bad but it was without a doubt the nastiest thing I’ve ever eaten. I had a tiny bite which I immediately spit out and then coughed and hacked for a few minutes. Not joking. Fortunately I also picked up these guys, which are a personal favorite.

Breakfast was saved! The morning passed quickly and I was off to downtown to find some lunch. I wanted to try Green Salad Co and have to say I really liked it! The portion was HUGE – I ordered the Chef Jam salad which was Romaine, Roasted Beets, Asparagus, Portabella, Carrots and Pecans. It was topped with balsalmic and more than filling. I’ll definitely be going back. I just love BEETS!

I should note that I’ve done lots of googling in the past 5 days. The searches have included “Is Balsalmic Vinegar Vegan”, “Is Canola Oil Vegan”, and on a sad desperate Wednesday afternoon, “Is Diet Dr. Pepper Vegan” (Answers: Yes, Yes, Maybe?)

I had a babysitting gig after work, and with a newborn who doesn’t like to be put down and a 5 year old who doesn’t like the newborn stealing his attention, I knew I had to feed myself before heading over there. I knew what I wanted, so the next google was “Are Falafels Vegan?” While a couple of people said no, the overwhelming response was yes so I had it locked in where I was going to stop for dinner. (Yes, I’ve eaten entirely out of restaurants for the past two days – pathetic, I know)

Moving on to…JERUSALEM! A middle eastern restaurant near where I babysit that has the best hummus I’ve ever had. My favorite plate – the hummus & falafel combo which comes with fattoush, a salad made up of onions, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. They served my meal in about 90 seconds with a huge bottle of siriracha which is normally one of my favorite condiments, but the flavors from this dish are so savory it’s not even needed.

Pitas on the side – holla!

All together makes for the most amazing, crunchiest, smooshy meal ever.  Love it!

Leaving babysitting I heard the crunch of leaves under my feet for the first time  in a while…it’s officially fall.  As if I needed more proof that my beloved summer is over, a turning leaf has been clinging to my car, following me everywhere I go.


Vegan Out: Day 2

Tuesday began in a rather normal fashion, with a drowsy shower followed by a cup of coffee with almond milk. Well, with a teensy bit of what’s left of the almond milk.  Love that mug!

Breakfast was the shiniest Apple I’ve ever seen, and a Kashi Almond Bar. Here brings up the debate about honey – most Vegans do not eat honey but some do. Why not eat honey? Well, as one website puts it, “Veganism is a way of living which excludes all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, the animal kingdom, and includes a reverence for life” and goes on to explain further that honeybees are without a doubt animals, because they are from the phylum Arthropoda – the same as lobsters and crabs.

Had enough science for the day? Long story short, I have granola bars and cereal in my house that are Vegan with the exception of honey, and because I’m unwilling to throw out the food that’s already been purchased, I’ll be eating them. Hope that’s fine with you fine folks!

I had a meeting for work this morning, which began with a morning session of panelists from my industry and ended with a lunch. When registering for this event, I requested a vegetarian meal, and got a “we’ll see if we can do that” response, so I realistically prepared myself to only eat the salad that’s typically served as an appetizer and then pick at my side dishes.

Lunch Menu: Duck Salad and Beef Tenderloin

Aaaaand strike three, Bella’s out! I left early and hit 16th Street mall to find some greenery.

Honestly, I was a little bummed that after a bit of googling and walking, a salad was my only downtown Vegan option. I ended up at local salad chain, Mad Greens.

I had the King Tut salad, which was made up of baby greens, couscous, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, currants, apricots and sunflower seeds. I topped all that madness off with some low fat balsalmic. Honestly, if it weren’t for the sunflower seeds this salad would have bored me to death.




I demolished the whole thing and was still hungry. Lame. Headed back to my office for a date with a Clif Bar.

After work, I met my friend Kellie for a Hot Power Fusion Yoga class and then we headed to local Veg-Vegan joint City o’ City. Turns out even Vegans can’t stay away from junk food. 

Appetizer: Onion Rings.  I had 1 or 4

Meet the Urban Cowgirl: Chipolte Marinara, Pineapple, Green Peppers, Vegan Mozzarella and Onion Rings. Yes, more Onion Rings. (Although next time I’ll probably order it without – I think I would have liked it better that way)

This pizza dominated me. I have been known to put down an entire City o’ City pie and I could only get down two pieces of this bad girl. 

 As far as the Vegan Cheese goes, it was a bit lacking but I’m sure I could get used to it. The consistency was baby food-ish, and I would have liked to taste a bit sharper and saltier.

All in all, it was a great day! I was super productive at work, I got my butt kicked in yoga, then enjoyed a beer and a few slices with a dear pal. I could get used to this Vegan thing – I’m feeling totally satisfied and guilt free!

(Writers note:  I was up with a stomach ache all last night and so was Kellie, so no more Onion Rings for us!)

Big Guy, I know you’re thinking, “Well Duh!”


The one thing I’ve consistently missed since going veg is the hot dog. Strange choice, I know. I stopped in today for a Tofu Dog from Mustards Last Stand, and while I enjoyed all the Chicago Style toppings (Mustard, Tomato, Kraut, Pickle, Hot Peppers) the dog lacked the necessary bark. The fries though…delish!

The Kitchen

My dad took me out for an amazing dinner at The Kitchen in Boulder on Friday.  What a beautiful restaurant…I had a beer downstairs but we eventually moved upstairs for dinner.  They have two different menus for the differing floors, which is really interesting!

While downstairs, I enjoyed the simplistic decor

And picked out what I would have eaten from the menu

Moving upstairs, I quickly jumped on one of the starters – Garlic Fries.  They were ah-mazing

They didn’t have any Veg Mains available, so I opted for two starters

Corn Flan

And Squash Blossoms with Ricotta Cheese Stuffing

Wow.  The Corn Flan was so creamy and savory, while the Squash Blossoms were served with thinly sliced grilled zucchini.  They had such a smoky grilled flavor that I would have been happy with just an entire plate of them.

My dad and I both love Toffee, so naturally we chose the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.  Here’s the picture that was taken after we attempted to re-assemble the dish after a few bites were taken…

This might have been one of my favorite meals I’ve had in Colorado.  I know I say that a lot, which I can only assume means that the Denver/Boulder dining scene is constantly improving which makes me a really happy lady!

Thanks again, Dad!

Soccer, Pancakes and Venue, Oh My!

Yesterday began at 7:20, when I stumbled out of bed, washed my face and headed to pick up the big guy (with sheet prints still on my face) to go watch the Arsenal/Everton game at a local soccer bar.  Landon Donovan got his first start for the Toffees, and the game was great until Arsenal scored the winner to make it 3-2 in extra time.  I was really rooting for Everton, as they were serious underdogs in this matchup.  Anyhow, after soccer we made it back to the casa to cook up some cakes. 

Check it:


Preparation (Beautiful sunburst from the Vanilla)

All Mixed Up

In the Pan

On the Plate, En Route to my Tummy

Ooooh yeah, pancake heaven.  Recipe can be found here.

This fantastic day was topped off by a much anticipated date night to Venue in the Highlands area of Denver.

Favorite dish of the night came first…Shrimp & Grits.  The unanimous winner was savory, creamy, spicy and just downright amazing.  One of the best dishes I’ve ever had in Denver.

Cheese Plate, pretty Standard

My Entree: Gnocchi with squash, mushrooms and a poached egg

(Yah, I totally started cutting up and digging in before I remembered to snap a pic)

Big Guy’s Entree: Seared Scallops with white beans and a smoky tomato sauce

I love eating with the big guy because he’s a big sharer.  We normally eat about half of what we’ve ordered and then switch plates, so I got to enjoy a lot of everything.  And as normal,  I liked the Big Guy’s food better, and he liked mine better.  Perfecto!