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Bagels and Brooklyn

The other night I went to the Jay-Z concert, which was AWESOME!  At the beginning of the show, they put up a huge 1o minute countdown clock and started blasting the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” which was such a great way to get the crowd excited.  If you’ve been living under a rock and somehow haven’t heard Jay’s “Empire State of Mind“, well, I’m sorry.  He’s a proud New Yorker and mentions the city in many of his songs.   I can’t express my love for Jay….he’s so classy and talented (and happens to have the best smile I’ve ever seen!) Getting to finally see him in concert was so great.   Check out the Denver Post review of the show for more deets:

 So what else do I think of when I think of New York?  BAGELS OF COURSE!  We all know by now I’m a bread hound, and although I committed just a few posts ago to cutting some bread out of my diet, I couldn’t resist buying these puppies at the grocery store the other day:

Sorry for the wonky photo, but you get the idea.  Very very skinny bagels, perfect for sandwiches and snacking!

Check out what I’ve noshed on so far:

Pizza Bagel:  Toasted w/ tomato slices, melted cheese and “Pepperoni”

Hummus and Roasted Tomato Bagel

Burger Bagel: More Hummus and Roasted Tomatoes plus a Mushroom Boca

Good enough for a close up

Excuse me but I’ve got to go home right now so I can make another bagel sandwich before hitting up Trivia night with the Ladies!  See if you can spot our team tomorrow on!


Breakfast with Vampires

So the combo of coffee + bar as breakfast every morning has gotten a little old as of late, so I’ve been trying new things.  

BB Smoothie: Yogurt, Blueberries, Ice, Vanilla Soymilk  


Oats with Peanut Butter and Jelly (A New Favorite) 


Oats with more Blueberries 


Rice cake with White Chocolate PB (Check out PB & Co


I also got to see Vampire Weekend on Friday night and it was great.  Their punchy, energy packed songs are perfect for dancing around.  How can you not like a band that sings about Architecture (Mansard Roof) and grammar?  (Oxford Comma) 


Hello Greenies!  It’s a sunny and chilly Saturday here in Denver, and I watching the movie Penelope and eating a muy delicioso breakfast sandwich.  I’ve been working a lot and eating a lot and having some fun in the past week since I’ve checked in, so here’s a quick rundown. 

Again, always in search of ways to incorporate mexican food into my diet yet keep things on the slim…Here is my “Mexican Slaw”  I chopped up spinach, tomatoes, stoplight peppers and broccoli and then tossed with a “dressing” of hummus and salsa. 

I ate this side salad with my latest obsession, Quorn Southwestern “wings”

I also had a package of whole wheat pitas to finish off, so I toasted them in the oven, slathered with hummus and Avo and went to town..

The weather was 60 degree plus for 2 glorious days this week (It’s now 19 and snowing…) so I had to dine Al Fresco at my favorite lunch spot, Vert.  Check out this goodness:  Quinoa Salad, Roasted Cauliflower and Asian Peanut Slaw with two crusty french bread slices.  Heaven I tell you!

I’ve also discovered Spinach Spaghetti which I’ve made a few times this week.  It cooks really quickly and has a lovely texture and flavor.  It’s great tossed with garlic, smart balance “butter” and vegetables.  I put two oven roasted and seasoned tomatoes on top, which when broken up make for a nice light sauce.  And yes, that’s a healthy shake of parmesan cheese on top.

In other Green news, St. Patrick’s Day was Wednesday, which means I encountered many drunk people downtown on my lunch break…  I chose to celebrate this holiday by running a “Lucky 7k”, Denver’s Running of the Green.  It was a hilly course and frankly it wore me out!  But the Killian’s were a-flowin post race, and I also enjoyed a giant vegetable with guacamole burrito.  I loved how everyone dressed up for this race!


Precious Tomatoes

I’ve been having serious blog envy lately, most specifically with the simple, clean layout of Smitten Kitten, and of course the beautiful photos of her dishes.  Recently she’s made a breakfast pizza, which I can’t wait to make for a little brunch party, and also has talked about the joys of slow roasted tomatoes.  The concept is simple, buy small cherry tomatoes, slice in half, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper, and place on roasting pan with whole cloves of garlic.  Here’s where you employ a glass of wine and a Red Box movie. (In my case- Precious)  Put these babies in the oven at 225 and wait for an entire three hours before taking them out.  Patience is delicious my friends, as what results is a lovely roasted tomato that is dry on the outside but bursts with juice when you bite into it.  Perfect accompaniment for pretty much anything.  I can see this little effort being done weekly in Casa Meg, as I don’t care much for raw tomatoes but am always looking for a way to jazz up my dishes.  Only difference is that next time I’ll buy larger tomatoes. 

This first batch is entirely consumed.  I used them to jazz up my lunch salads and add a boost to my dinner of spinach spaghetti and broccoli. 

While waiting for the roasting to complete, I finally got to watch Precious.  Since the height of my sickness this week, I’ve been really really fortunate with my Red Box timing and (in my opinion) have gotten all of the best movies.  Also watched Amelia last night- what a rad chick she was!  She stopped the minister midway through her wedding vows and said “Hey, can we remove that “promise to obey” part?”   Pretty forward thinking for 1930!

But back to Precious.  What a beautiful, sad film.  It broke my heart, and also inspired me to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I’ve filled out an application to be a Tutor at the Literacy Coalition of Colorado.  Hopefully I’ll get placed into a class and have the chance to help adults learn English as their second language, get their GED’s, or be able to read to their children for the first time. 



Is there anything better than cutting into an Avocado to find it absolutely ripe and perfect?  I’ve been sick for 5 days now (head cold) so I’m really starting to appreciate the small things.  Like perfect Avocados.

In the past week, I’ve done little more than lay around and watch movies whilst drugged up on a Sudafed/Mucinex cocktail.  Surrounded by glossies and rolls of toilet paper used for constant nose blowing, I’ve been a total couch potato.  I’m caught up on a lot of films I’ve been wanting to see, such as Up In the Air, Rachel Getting Married, Coco Before Chanel, The Time Travelers Wife, The Hurt Locker and The Box (which is hands down the WORST movie I’ve ever seen- even worse than Point Break…sorry Meg)

Again, what do I turn to when I’m not feeling well?  Mexican food of course.  It’s a great cure for sickness, depression, and also appropriate for celebratory events, such as a birthday, promotion or Tuesday night.  My friend Mack who just moved to San Fran told me she was going to a vegan mexican food place for dinner called Gracias Madre.  I was struck like a pinata with inspiration to craft my own mexi-meal.  I’m not great at the vegan stuff yet, but I’m trying to incorporate non-dairy products as much as possible.  Last night’s meal consisted of a roasted red pepper, polenta slices, avocado slices and a salsa topping.  On the side was a spicy “chik’n” salad, made with spinach, more avocados and mi favorito Boca Spicy Chik’n patties.  While this meal was not vegan, it was supah tasty.  Check…it…out. 

Tonight I am going home to watch Bright Star, which is about John Keats and his muse Fannie.  What a name!  Although I’m really enjoying Movie Week 2010, I’m hoping this cold heads for the hills PRONTO. 

Meatless Bonanza!

I have been experimenting with all kinds of yummy soy based proteins lately, and have come across some gems in the form of Quorn southwestern chik’n wings. (which are more like nuggets) Holy soybeans, these are amazing. Spicy, chewy, delish! I’ve also been putting Lite Life’s pepperoni on my pita pizzas. Tasty addition but I think that I prefer all the veggie pies.

In addition to cutting back on bread, which I’m doing a horrible job at judging by the previous post, I am also making an effort to save dairy and fish for special occasions. So milk will be replaced with silk in coffee and cereal, and I’ll try not to plan meals around what I can cover with cheese. Sigh…it’s hard growing up and realizing that better choices need to be made. But I think my body will love me for it!


I have just discovered Word Press for iPhone- Hurray! Now I don’t have to use the “I’m really far to busy with other things to blog” excuse, which isn’t of course an excuse but reality. Hmm, I wonder if my iPosts will look different than my normal ones. Oh well, we shall see!

Since my last post, the big guy has come and gone over a glorious weekend trip, I have re-started the half marathon training plan, had a wonderful friend visit from Texas, and am trying to cut the needless crap out of my diet, starting with bread. Which is my freaking favorite!

The big guy went back to Boston but his oatmeal that I don’t eat stayed behind, so I made big plans for it…banana bread y’all! This was probably the easiest recipe ever and the bread came out devine. Supah crunchy on the outside with a moist chewy middle. The recipe can be found on the McCanns Irish Oatmeal website…

Wait, I just realized that followed up a declaration of abstinence from bread with a post about banana bread. Shit, I have a problem people. Oh well, here are my glorious photos.