Easy Brunch

My lovely friend Kellie decided to host an impromptu potluck brunch on Sunday which I was so excited about.  Have I mentioned how much I love love love brunch?  Well, I’ve said it again.  After pouring over Veganomicon, I decided to make the Spinach & Mushroom Strata.

Then I woke up Sunday morning and thought, “naaaahhh….”

Sunday mornings are for lounging and coffee and other things!  Not for scrambling around to the store trying to find ingredients to make a huge dish for your non-vegan friends.  So, I decided to go with something simple.

I bought some Croissant dough (yah, the Pillsbury kind…don’t judge) and then filled it with the contents of my fridge.

More specifically Spinach, Crimini Mushrooms & Feta.

The idea with this is just to pick what you like because it will all taste good.  Other ideas – Nutella, Ham and Swiss, Mushrooms and Mozzarella.  Really, the options are endless.

Just plop a little spoonful of filling in there

Roll it

and bake it

Okay so this is the easiest thing ever and dough from a can is a little white trash but it worked!  They were a hit, and the brunch was fabulous.  In fact, it warrants a photo rundown of it’s own.

Gorgeous Setting

Fantastic Spread

Funny Friends & Bacon’ Tossin’.  What else could you need?


Oh, maybe a human pyramid.  That’s just how we brunch, y’all.


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