Denver Eats: Jelly

With Monday being my first day allowed out of the house after having El Influenza, I was excited to take the big guy up on an offer for lunch out.  There’s a new retro-styled Breakfast & Lunch joint in our neighborhood called Jelly that I’ve been waiting to try.

I really wish I had taken more pictures because the restaurant is just plain cute, from the menus to the mason jar water glasses.  But, I was distracted by the hunkster.  Typical.

We ordered a nice mix of breki and lunch.  Preston got the Salmon Scramble

And a rather large order of buckwheat pancakes

While I didn’t try the scramble, the ‘cakes were hearty and delicious with just a bit of syrup on top.

I myself ordered the veggie burger and sweet potato fries

While eating this burger smothered in roasted red peppers, zucchini, mixed greens and herbed mayo, I found myself thinking, “This thang can’t be healthy.”  The bun was just so buttery and decadent.   Then I thought, “Who cares?  It’s delicious!”  The Big Guy had half my burger and agreed upon the deliciousness.  The Sweet Potato fries were good, crispy and sprinkled with sea salt – just how they should be.

With price points between $6-$9 for most meals, and yummy bites all the way around, we agreed we’ll be visiting Jelly again.  I love having more choices just down the street!

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One response to “Denver Eats: Jelly

  1. Preston January 18, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    The next trip, we’ll have to try the coffee. If their coffee is tasty, I’d give this place an A.

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