Denver Eats: Rooster & Moon

I checked out a new lunch spot in Denver this week – Rooster & Moon.  It’s a coffee shop turned pub that has free WiFi and a full menu.  Oh, and it’s right in my neighborhood at 9th and Bannock!

Fun(ky) little vibe.  I dug it.

I was drawn to the Caprese sandwich, naturally, and a berry salad that came with  jalapeno vinaigrette.  The sandwich was served warm on crunchy ciabatta, and the salad was the perfect mix of sweet and savory.  While this was one of my favorite lunches I’ve had in a long time (and a steal at $6.50) I was still really hungry when I finished eating.  I could have easily eaten a whole additional plate.  I don’t feel like I need huge amounts of food to be satisfied, so before I pooh-pooh the portion sizes too much, I’ll go back for round 2.

My girl Abba-dabba had the Flatbread and Hummus sandwich, and the same salad.  She said it was really good!

The first write-up I read about Rooster and Moon mentioned their homemade Banana Pudding, which is supposedly an employee’s Grandmother’s recipe.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Bananas, this little treat was amazing.  The flavor was outstanding and the consistency was more mousse-like.  The crumbled Nilla wafers added just the right amount of texture.  I loved it!

Next time I visit Rooster & Moon, I’m going to go for the full size version of the Berry Salad and see if that does the trick in filling me up.  If not, this place might be a heartbreaker!


2 responses to “Denver Eats: Rooster & Moon

  1. Preston December 14, 2010 at 12:32 am

    I heard the potrions are small, but now seeing the pictures…whoa! Those plates look like small appetizers.

  2. Jason January 11, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Hello, Bella B!
    Jason here from Rooster & Moon, thanking you for the kind words.
    When we originally created our food menu upon opening last year, the portions and creations were only meant to be supplemental to the coffee aspect of our concept, so we kept the portions cafe style.
    When we realized that the food was going to be a demanding force of our concept, we tweaked to accomodate. Though we do not consider ourselves a restaurant per se, we must listen to what our guests feel, and we rolled out a new menu the first of the year.
    Though our portions will never be huge, we did realize that in today’s world, our guests want more bang for their buck, so consider us a work in progress.
    Please look for me the next time you are in and I would love to discuss anything menu with you.
    And Preston, you come in too and I’ll buy you lunch.


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