Noshin’ with our Neighbors to the North

I kicked off my Toronto vacation eats in the airport with a tasty new bar: The Bumble Bar.  It is entirely vegan and possibly one of the hippiest things I’ve ever eaten.  It looks like bird seed, but it tastes delish!

In the lovely city of Toronto, there were some equally hippie eats which I enjoyed equally as much.  But before we get to the food, let’s talk Coffee.  Manic Coffee that is.  I loved this place – my soy latte was ah-mazing, and the vibe was so laid back hipster which made me feel right at home.

I slurped down my latte so fast that I pretty much didn’t have anything left to photo.  (Except the adorable cup & saucer)

After coffee we continued our walkabout in Kensington Market and after 4 blocks or so we found ourselves at Urban Herbivore.  Okay, so the ladies working behind the counter were either on LSD or just completely out to lunch, but let’s put that aside for un momento so I can rave about the food.

It. Was. SO. Good. Best Veg Sandwich I’ve ever had. 

It was Sesame Tempeh with Olive Tapenade, Lettuce,  Sprouts, Avocados and Lemony Tahini Dressing on warm crunchy whole grain bread. Heaven.

We also had a bowl of the Moroccan Stew with Quinoa.   It was warm and savory with huge chunks of butternut squash and potatoes.

What’s better than Moroccan Stew you ask?  Hunky Big Guy Eating Moroccan Stew.  You’re welcome.

After a bit of a walk back to our hotel and a nap, we were ready for dinner.  We went to a local brewery (yay!) in the Distillery District called Mill Street Brewpub.  I was enjoying my Wit Beers and Mussles way too much to snap any photos, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that this was another pretty tasty Toronto Meal. 

Fast forward to Sunday Morning at the Queen and Beaver.  Yes, we made our Soccer Brunch happen!  While watching the Liverpool/Tottenham game, we enjoyed one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. 

Check out that spread!  Buttermilk and Apple Pancakes, Salmon Benedict and an Artichoke and Olive Toast.

First up: Pancakes.  Mary Mother of Christmas these guys were stupendous!  We didn’t even put syrup on them.  Just dug straight in and enjoyed the cinnamon apple compote and whipped vanilla cream cheese on top. 

The Salmon benny was great too – thick crunchy slice of toast, perfectly smoked salmon that was not the least bit dry, and a tasty egg with creamy hollandaise sauce.  Divine!

I didn’t get to photograph the toast because we munched it away too quickly.  It was really good though, and would be an amazing compliment to any meal.  But what bread dish wouldn’t really?

That concludes my photographic food tour of Toronto.  Up next, a visit to Niagara Falls and some photos of everyone’s favorite couple all snazzed out for a wedding.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! 



One response to “Noshin’ with our Neighbors to the North

  1. Preston December 4, 2010 at 9:55 am

    The BG would give the sunday brunch top meal of the weekend. Footy and great food was a perfect way to end the Toronto trip.

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