Footie & Food

I went to the first ever Playoff game at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park last night to see the Colorado Rapids play the Columbus Crew.  I brought three soccer loving ladies with me and we had a great time! 

The stadium is so pretty and I wasn’t totally freezing which was a plus.  I had to wear mittens to hold my beer, but that’s no biggie!

Soccer is by far my favorite sport.  In thinking of ideas for an upcoming trip to Toronto, I checked the Premier League schedule for the weekend we will be there to see if there are any can’t miss games.  Turns out there are (Aston Villa-Arsenal on Saturday and Tottenham-Liverpool on Sunday) so naturally I looked for a place to go watch the games. 

I’m thinking The Queen and Beaver will do.  I’ve already read their very British menu and plan on having a Guinness and Salmon Toast for Brunch.  Does that sound fun BG?

As you can see, I get very excited about travel and end up running the risk of becoming a Type-A nightmare.  Check out my work in progress page for Toronto…I’ve got two coffee shops, 5 restaurants and 2 soccer games on the list but am seriously lacking in places to see.  All I have so far is Leslieville, which looks very much like the neighborhood I already live in.  I was sold on that destination by the mention of local cafes.  The way to my heart is obviously through my tummy.

In other news, I have absolutely no plans for the weekend which is really exciting!  There is definitely some sleeping in, coffee, bagels and crafts in my future.   


2 responses to “Footie & Food

  1. Preston October 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Toronto is going to be some good fun!

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