New England Eats

Boy was my tummy happy on this last trip to the Northeast.  There were new places to explore, as always, and also some old favorites.

Penny Cluse was by far the biggest surprise and best meal of the trip.  Sadly, this lovely breakfast spot is in Burlington, Vermont so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to eat there again.

I was thrilled to find biscuits and gravy without sausage.  So that was a must, plus two over easy eggs and some crispy savory home fries.  I hadn’t had an egg in about a month, so I was scared to dive in fully but the few bites I had were delightful!

The Big Guy had a beautiful, colorful and healthy meal: Blueberry Smoothie, Gorgeous Fruit Plate & Tofu Scramble with Spicy Salsa

Another exciting find was Boston’s Pho Pasteur, which is a Vietnamese restaurant in the Theatre district.  We liked this place so much we went twice during my  5 day stay.  They bring you tea when you sit down, and I just love those little ceramic cups.

We started with Fresh Tofu rolls with Peanut Hoisin Sauce

Then it was on to noodlerama with some amazing Shrimp Pad Thai

And the biggest bowl of Seafood Pho I’ve ever seen

Here’s the big guy’s big paw for size reference.  It was pretty much a mixing bowl full of Pho!

On my last day in town, we stopped by a previously visited spot Diesel Cafe, and was reminded of how much we digged both the vibe and the food.  The restaurant is very Capitol Hill-ish in decor and clientele, and has tons of Vegetarian options.

We chose to start with soups: Spicy Tomato with Orzo & Black Bean

I had a Brie Melt with Apples, Sprouts, Tomatoes and Greens, and Preston had a Veggie & Hummus wrap, which was not photographed because I was busy chowing down on all that crunchy bread and melted cheese!

That wraps up my three favorite meals.  Other eats included a late night sushi feast –

Some tasty Vermont road trip snacks courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Lots of Coffee

And of course, on my last night there I got to visit my beloved Regina


One response to “New England Eats

  1. Preston October 27, 2010 at 10:43 am

    BG loved having you come visit!

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