Vegan Out: Day 18

Breakfast with Elvis

Lunch in a Pan

That’s a slice of bread, not a veggie burger.  It became a toasty, hummus, avocado and siriracha delight.  With Asparagus & Butternut Squash Puree.

I went for a Snug Run after work, which was really great because I got to see two lovely friends, Abbey & Genevieve, and also finally got my snazzy Snug Runner t-shirt!  After 10 runs, you get an official dry fit running shirt.  Loves!

After that run, I of course dug into a bowl of french fries and 2 beers.  I think that’s a pretty even trade…right? 🙂

Got home and knew I needed some veggies, so I dug out the leftover Vegetable Soup

Then I was in bed (again) at 9:45.  It’s been one of those weeks!





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