Vegan Out: Day 17

I’m in the home stretch, loves!  Sunday is the last day of this experiment – Monday might begin a bread & cheese bender so be prepared.  In all seriousness though, I have loads more respect for all the vegans out there that are doing this day in and day out.  I’m sure, like anything, I would get acclimated to this diet and accustomed to having limited choices when dining out.  However, as much as I like eating healthy, I know I still want to eat cheese, bread, and the occasional sushi feast.

Moving on to Wednesday.  I found myself awake at 5:20 and decided to get my raggedy butt out of bed for a 6am yoga class.  I was excited about getting an AM workout in, but realized that without coffee I really don’t have much to offer the world.  I halfheartedly made my way through my down dogs and warrior twos, and couldn’t wait for class to be over.

I knew after class I needed a hearty breakfast.  Coffee, Cocoa Beach & Strawberries for a mid-morning snack

I came home for lunch and made a transitional lunch.  My pureed butternut squash tasted like fall, while my vegan burger with daiya cheese, tomatoes and avocados was all summer. 

It doesn’t look like a ton of food, but it really did the trick.  Back at work, I was listening to Radio Paradise and heard one of my favorite songs, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.  This lead to a favorite song discussion with my friend Carissa, that I think I’ll post about next week.  Until then,  click on this link to enjoy some Jeff in your life.

Wednesday night brings babysitting, which also brings a stop for falafels.  Are you falafel-ed out yet?

On a side note – I forgot that I scarfed down Mack’s No Cookie Cookies last week without mention.   They were amazing.  I immediately went to the website and browsed through all their flavors.   Upon seeing “Mint Chip” I really considered ordering a case.  I’ve held off, we’ll see if that resistance lasts…

I was in bed and sound asleep by 9:45.  I’m such a cool kid – been this way since ’84 when I was chillin’ & washin’ Buicks.




One response to “Vegan Out: Day 17

  1. Preston October 14, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Oh, what I’d do for a bowl of Cocoa Beach cereal!

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