Vegan Out: Day 15

I woke up without the assistance of my iPhone for the first time in 9 months.  Cue the twilight zone music!  Well, all kidding aside, it was sort of nice not to have my phone at work today.  I wasn’t compulsively clicking for 8 hours at my desk, and  didn’t really miss it at all. I’m thinking I might put it aside more often so I can really work on my, well – work!

That being said, not having my phone or camera meant that I didn’t get to photograph my breakfast or lunch.  So here it is, quickly:
Breakfast was a Peanut Butter Apple and Sahale Almonds sprinkled on top.  Pretty amazing, actually.  Lunch was another Whole Foods stop, with some Cucumber & Avocado Sushi with Whole Grain Rice.  Extra Wasabi, please!

I got home to a phone that looked and appeared normal, so I was excited to get back to the kitchen and snap some pics.  I’ve been having some stomachaches lately, so the wise Big Guy suggested I cook up a big bowl of pasta to help.  It was the perfect choice.

First bowl was just with some Smart Butter, Salt and “Parmesan”

Second bowl was a bit more traditional

It was a great call BG, and it made me feel much better.  Thanks again babe!

While I was chowing down on some noodles, I had a big butternut squash roasting in the onion.  Here’s the good word: Turn your oven to 35o and slice the squash in half.  Remove all of the seeds and strings (think pumpkin carving!) then place each half down on a baking sheet.  Add one cup of water to the pan and put in the oven for about 30 minutes or until tender.

This gooey roasted squash was a perfect first run for the beautiful food processor I got from my mom for my birthday!  Thanks Mom!  I scooped out the flesh of the squash and put it in the processor with some Smart Balance, Agave Nectar and Vindaloo Spice.  (Curry)

The result was so creamy, savory and a bit sweet.  Sort of like mashed sweet potatoes but with a nuttier flavor.  I was so full from the pasta but couldn’t resist having a few big spoonfuls before packing it away for tomorrow.

Is it weird I take pictures of myself eating?  I hope not.

On an end note, sometimes I feel that I spend as much time cleaning as I do cooking.  Without a dishwasher, I’ve got to feel pretty motivated to cook as it usually piles up loads and loads of dirty dishes!  I’ve got to wait for one side to dry before I can put them away and wash the other side.


One response to “Vegan Out: Day 15

  1. Preston October 13, 2010 at 4:36 am

    You should request a dishwasher from your landlord.

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