Vegan Out: Day 7

Vegan Out: Day 7 – AKA the day I drank my weight in mimosas and did a terrible job feeding myself.

I woke up on Sunday and got thineself out of bed for a 9am advanced yoga class.  Fortunately the pace was relatively slow which benefitted me and my laziness/lethargy yesterday morning.  Post yoga, I came home to the best breakfast ever.

Coffee & Cocoa Beach.  Heaven!   I try not to overdo it with this cereal, so I measured out a serving size (1/2 cup) and then dumped a bunch of strawberries and almond milk in.  Perfect!

I then headed over for Sunday Funday (read: day drinking) at my friend Kellie’s.  We talked a ton, drank a ton, and snacked.  My lunch basically consisted of hummus & dippers, melon and chips & guacamole.  Not really acceptable for the amount of drinking that went down.

We then walked across the street to the bar for a beer and some dinner. I had a salad with mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, walnuts and vinagrette.  Pretty okay for bar food!

I went home and passed out fell asleep on my couch, then woke up and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix.  I’ve read the first two books in the series and now watched the (Swedish) movie and still can’t get enough of these characters and storyline! 

Oh, and I totally didn’t make it to the Midnight movie on Saturday.  Fell asleep at 10pm!  Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend.


One response to “Vegan Out: Day 7

  1. Preston October 5, 2010 at 6:36 am

    I’m all caught up on your Vegan Journey for the last few days. The picture of you in running shorts and rain boots is my favorite of all time.

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