Vegan Out: Day 5

Day 5 and still without Almond Milk, likely because I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store at 11 pm when I left “Happy Hour” (Which never seems to be just an hour) So, Friday morning and no Almond Milk meant another Starbucks stop. Man, I’m bad!

Venti Iced Soy Skinny Caramel Latte

I was uber hungry and knew that an apple and latte wouldn’t do it, so I picked up this bar:

I don’t have any idea if this thing had gone bad but it was without a doubt the nastiest thing I’ve ever eaten. I had a tiny bite which I immediately spit out and then coughed and hacked for a few minutes. Not joking. Fortunately I also picked up these guys, which are a personal favorite.

Breakfast was saved! The morning passed quickly and I was off to downtown to find some lunch. I wanted to try Green Salad Co and have to say I really liked it! The portion was HUGE – I ordered the Chef Jam salad which was Romaine, Roasted Beets, Asparagus, Portabella, Carrots and Pecans. It was topped with balsalmic and more than filling. I’ll definitely be going back. I just love BEETS!

I should note that I’ve done lots of googling in the past 5 days. The searches have included “Is Balsalmic Vinegar Vegan”, “Is Canola Oil Vegan”, and on a sad desperate Wednesday afternoon, “Is Diet Dr. Pepper Vegan” (Answers: Yes, Yes, Maybe?)

I had a babysitting gig after work, and with a newborn who doesn’t like to be put down and a 5 year old who doesn’t like the newborn stealing his attention, I knew I had to feed myself before heading over there. I knew what I wanted, so the next google was “Are Falafels Vegan?” While a couple of people said no, the overwhelming response was yes so I had it locked in where I was going to stop for dinner. (Yes, I’ve eaten entirely out of restaurants for the past two days – pathetic, I know)

Moving on to…JERUSALEM! A middle eastern restaurant near where I babysit that has the best hummus I’ve ever had. My favorite plate – the hummus & falafel combo which comes with fattoush, a salad made up of onions, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. They served my meal in about 90 seconds with a huge bottle of siriracha which is normally one of my favorite condiments, but the flavors from this dish are so savory it’s not even needed.

Pitas on the side – holla!

All together makes for the most amazing, crunchiest, smooshy meal ever.  Love it!

Leaving babysitting I heard the crunch of leaves under my feet for the first time  in a while…it’s officially fall.  As if I needed more proof that my beloved summer is over, a turning leaf has been clinging to my car, following me everywhere I go.



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