Vegan for 21 Days

Inspired by a recent article in the Men’s Journal entitled “The Rise of the Power Vegan” featuring the amazing Scott Jurek, I’ve decided to go vegan for 21 days. According to the article, 3 weeks is how long it takes for your body to adjust and really feel the effects of the eating change. That being said, I’m already 99% vegetarian, only eating fish occasionally, and can’t imagine that I will feel as much of a drastic change as those giving up meats and all other animal products cold turkey. (No pun intended!)

Side Note: I love cheese and bread.

Second More Serious Side Note: Bread + Cheese + Me = Shakespeare can’t touch that type of love

Third and Final Side Note: I also contemplated giving up beers for these upcoming weeks, but naaahhh…what’s the point? There are plenty of good vegan beers and wines out there!

I know there are vegan-friendly breads, so part of this experiment will be learning how to read ingredients to make sure I’m really making the right choices.

So, to cut to the chase, here’s my commitment: I’m going to eat Vegan for three weeks and document the journey daily. I hope to share how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking in the most honest way possible, and come out with a realistic view of what living as a vegan is truly like.

Because I’m a cheese hound, and Sunday was my last day of indulgence, I went out with a bang:

That would be my hand, to show you the size of my  jalapeno & pineapple slice.  See cold Modelo with lime, upper left…

Yes, I put parmesan cheese on top.  Duh.

Pizza bliss.  It’s one of my favorite things.

So there’s my final farewell to cheese for three weeks.  Hope you enjoy the journey!


One response to “Vegan for 21 Days

  1. Preston September 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Good luck on your vegan journey. I’m looking forward to reading about it in the coming weeks.

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