Mile High Music Fest!

What a fun weekend!  Here’s my story dans les photographies.  (My mom and I are talking about going to Paris in early 2011, so you’re all going to get mini French lessons along the way!)

Enjoying music with 35,000 other people is always amazing

Lots of big Bud Lites were consumed, wrapped in Festival Bandanas

My friend Kellie and I got on a seesaw that powered a sno-cone machine!

I met the Captain (and his wenches)

And got a beautiful hand-screened festival bag which I’m going to use at the grocery store

I had a great time relaxing with my friend John

And Kellie did  too

I got my first tattoo (airbrushed, of course)

And Abbey got the chinese symbol for “Dragon” on her foot…badass

Then I met a model?  dancer? who knows? from Beta Nightclub

And enjoyed more crowd watching

Then I drank a few Fat Tires, and decided to wear my bandana like a Samurai

Which caused my friend Kyle to cause me Ralph Macchio.  So of course, I had to challenge him

I think I won…

Shortly thereafter, the sun began to sink on Day Two

I met up with some old Rapids friends

And we all went to watch Dave Matthews Band

And that was it! La Fin!


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