Breckenridge Days 2 & 3

We got up early to go hike the Lily Pond Trail.  Here’s the view from the first hill

The Family that Hikes together stays together

My Aunt Susan (who I got my height, mannerisms & handwriting from) and I

On the trail, my cousin Abby proves that Dallas girls can accessorize anywhere

Little Miss Fashion Plate is more like it!

We crossed some bridges on the trail, which was fun.  Did you know I love bridges of all shapes and sizes?

A mile and a half later, we arrived at the big destination, Lily Pad Pond

Your truly w/ the lilies

We then found a second, bigger lake which was a fun surprise

The rest of the day was spent eating pizza and relaxing.  On Day three we decided to ride the gondola to the top of Peak 8 and try the Alpine Slide.

Cousins on the Gondola

My dad and brother on the ride up

The slide was really fun!  This was the view from the top

The oldest & youngest grandchild – post slide

Killian tried out the maze next.  We had fun shouting at him from the observation deck

Happy Birthday to the cousins!  Killian is turning 21 on the 7th  and Alex is turning 18 on the 8th.  Both my grandfather and my brother have August 7th birthdays, and Susan went into labor with Alex on August 6th so we were all excited at the possiblity of having 3 birthdays on August 7th.  But Alex, in fashionable style, decided to hang out and not grace us with her presence until the 8th.  

After the slide, I had a couple of these…

And the rest of the day was groggy and downhill from there! 


One response to “Breckenridge Days 2 & 3

  1. Preston August 8, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Looks like the Rubles had a good time out in Brekenridge.

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