Sir Paul Thursday

Started Thursday off right with some Big Guy Oatmeal (McCanns w. blueberries).  I was pretty excited because Thursday night was bringing the Paul McCartney concert!  But I’ll get to that, hang in there with me…there are lots of photos today.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be eating lunch until about 1, I had to bring this bad boy in.  So sweet & juicy!

Went to lunch with two girlfriends, Lauren and Ashley, to one of my fav spots Vert.  Had the Vegan Sandwich which was delicious! It changes every day so it’s always a treat.

2 strange things happened at lunch:

1. While ordering the Veg sandwich I was offered mozzarella, and I said “No cheese, thank you!” only to get cheese on my side salad.  What the cuss?  So I only had about two bites, and my girl Lauren helped me polish it off.

2.  A woman approached me and stared at my face while calling me Tina, rather insistently (like I was ignoring her) before I finally said, “Oh, I’m Meghan” to which she looked confused and then said, “Oh wow, you look exactly like a woman I went to college with”.  Here’s the fun part: This lady was at least 10 years older than me.  Yikes… good news is I’ve gotten lots of mileage and jokes out of this story already.  When told to some gals today, Lauren’s friend Delain said “Oh that’s nothing…my dry cleaning women ran at me the other day shreeking “Oh You’re PREGNANT!”  Delain replies, “Nope, just a fat day.”   At least we’ve both got a good sense of humor!

On to dinner…I don’t have much in my fridge so I whipped up a quick salad of tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados and ate it with two HUGE slices of sourdough bread.  (To soak up the beers about to be consumed at Paul McCartney!)

On to the concert.  It was the best show I’ve ever seen!  He played for almost three hours, with tons of energy and almost no breaks.  The songs were played against a backdrop of personal photos from the 60’s, which I loved.  He also told some intimate stories about seeing Jimi Hendrix play, and sang a song about what he would say to John Lennon if he had the chance.  The highlight of the show for me was an acoustic version of Blackbird on an almost completely dark stage.  It was beautiful, and I cried.  Other highlights include Daytripper, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let it Be, Get Back, Band on the Run, Something In the Way She Moves, Lady Madonna (My Mom’s Favorite) and Helter Skelter complete with indoor fireworks.

Give Peace A Chance

Helter Skelter with Fireworks

Mom and I

Abbey, Genevieve and I after the show

And finally, Sir Paul giving the requisite love to the locals by waving the Colorado Flag at the start of his encore


One response to “Sir Paul Thursday

  1. Preston July 16, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Very Regina describing the peach…good stuff. Great picture of Bella and Erin!

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