You are what you eat

In what could possibly be the most boring post ever, I’ll share with you some of the things I’ve been eating lately.

Asian Stirfry Salad w/ Tofu from Organixx.  Without a doubt my new favorite meal.

All mixed up like 311.  Mmm I might have to go grab this for lunch today.

My first dinner in the new apartment: A Snack Plate!

Hummus filled peppers w/ siriacha, chips & salsa, strawberries.  Awesome.

Oh man I love those chips.  Funny thing is, the bag says there should be 6 servings but mine only held 2…

I cooked my second new apartment meal last night, but ate it before I snapped a pic.  It was spaghetti – Check out that tiny stove!   Perfect for one person, and I’m so glad to have gas burners instead of a flat top.

I had some strawberries & hersheys for dessert

See?! What did I tell you?

Most boring. Post. ever.


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