Nanny Bites

Most often I am a 20-something urbanish chick, with a penchant for happy hours after hard week, but occasionally, I am a nanny.  It’s epically hard to try to eat well while watching someone else’s young children.  5 Year olds don’t want to eat what adults eat, so it’s usually an endless parade of Mac ‘n Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Fish Sticks, etc.  This past weekend I was a full time caregiver to an awesome little 5 year old dude, and his parents were kind enough to ask me what I ate so they could stock the fridge.  The resulting weekend meals were a mix of kid and adult food…

Veggie Sandwich with Mac & Strawberries

Hummus, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomato (coulda really used some dijon)

Little guy gets up at 6:30.  Times this pic by three

Flax-iful Waffles become…

REALLY Flax-iful waffles w/ Peanut Butter, Bananas and MORE FLAX

I was lucky enough to get to try these gems

Holy Cuss this was good… Looks like the “real thing”, no?

I had to remove Curious George and the Man in the Yellow hat before partaking…

Dinner last night was pretty typical, plus a yummy salad w/ avos

Now it’s back to the real world…busy week ahead with 2 volunteering nights (I think I forgot to mention I was placed with the Literacy Coalition and am a GED Tutor!), a work dinner, a dinner with friends on Thursday.


One response to “Nanny Bites

  1. Preston April 26, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Some good pictures of what looks like great food!

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