Bagels and Brooklyn

The other night I went to the Jay-Z concert, which was AWESOME!  At the beginning of the show, they put up a huge 1o minute countdown clock and started blasting the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” which was such a great way to get the crowd excited.  If you’ve been living under a rock and somehow haven’t heard Jay’s “Empire State of Mind“, well, I’m sorry.  He’s a proud New Yorker and mentions the city in many of his songs.   I can’t express my love for Jay….he’s so classy and talented (and happens to have the best smile I’ve ever seen!) Getting to finally see him in concert was so great.   Check out the Denver Post review of the show for more deets:

 So what else do I think of when I think of New York?  BAGELS OF COURSE!  We all know by now I’m a bread hound, and although I committed just a few posts ago to cutting some bread out of my diet, I couldn’t resist buying these puppies at the grocery store the other day:

Sorry for the wonky photo, but you get the idea.  Very very skinny bagels, perfect for sandwiches and snacking!

Check out what I’ve noshed on so far:

Pizza Bagel:  Toasted w/ tomato slices, melted cheese and “Pepperoni”

Hummus and Roasted Tomato Bagel

Burger Bagel: More Hummus and Roasted Tomatoes plus a Mushroom Boca

Good enough for a close up

Excuse me but I’ve got to go home right now so I can make another bagel sandwich before hitting up Trivia night with the Ladies!  See if you can spot our team tomorrow on!


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