Hello Greenies!  It’s a sunny and chilly Saturday here in Denver, and I watching the movie Penelope and eating a muy delicioso breakfast sandwich.  I’ve been working a lot and eating a lot and having some fun in the past week since I’ve checked in, so here’s a quick rundown. 

Again, always in search of ways to incorporate mexican food into my diet yet keep things on the slim…Here is my “Mexican Slaw”  I chopped up spinach, tomatoes, stoplight peppers and broccoli and then tossed with a “dressing” of hummus and salsa. 

I ate this side salad with my latest obsession, Quorn Southwestern “wings”

I also had a package of whole wheat pitas to finish off, so I toasted them in the oven, slathered with hummus and Avo and went to town..

The weather was 60 degree plus for 2 glorious days this week (It’s now 19 and snowing…) so I had to dine Al Fresco at my favorite lunch spot, Vert.  Check out this goodness:  Quinoa Salad, Roasted Cauliflower and Asian Peanut Slaw with two crusty french bread slices.  Heaven I tell you!

I’ve also discovered Spinach Spaghetti which I’ve made a few times this week.  It cooks really quickly and has a lovely texture and flavor.  It’s great tossed with garlic, smart balance “butter” and vegetables.  I put two oven roasted and seasoned tomatoes on top, which when broken up make for a nice light sauce.  And yes, that’s a healthy shake of parmesan cheese on top.

In other Green news, St. Patrick’s Day was Wednesday, which means I encountered many drunk people downtown on my lunch break…  I chose to celebrate this holiday by running a “Lucky 7k”, Denver’s Running of the Green.  It was a hilly course and frankly it wore me out!  But the Killian’s were a-flowin post race, and I also enjoyed a giant vegetable with guacamole burrito.  I loved how everyone dressed up for this race!



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