Is there anything better than cutting into an Avocado to find it absolutely ripe and perfect?  I’ve been sick for 5 days now (head cold) so I’m really starting to appreciate the small things.  Like perfect Avocados.

In the past week, I’ve done little more than lay around and watch movies whilst drugged up on a Sudafed/Mucinex cocktail.  Surrounded by glossies and rolls of toilet paper used for constant nose blowing, I’ve been a total couch potato.  I’m caught up on a lot of films I’ve been wanting to see, such as Up In the Air, Rachel Getting Married, Coco Before Chanel, The Time Travelers Wife, The Hurt Locker and The Box (which is hands down the WORST movie I’ve ever seen- even worse than Point Break…sorry Meg)

Again, what do I turn to when I’m not feeling well?  Mexican food of course.  It’s a great cure for sickness, depression, and also appropriate for celebratory events, such as a birthday, promotion or Tuesday night.  My friend Mack who just moved to San Fran told me she was going to a vegan mexican food place for dinner called Gracias Madre.  I was struck like a pinata with inspiration to craft my own mexi-meal.  I’m not great at the vegan stuff yet, but I’m trying to incorporate non-dairy products as much as possible.  Last night’s meal consisted of a roasted red pepper, polenta slices, avocado slices and a salsa topping.  On the side was a spicy “chik’n” salad, made with spinach, more avocados and mi favorito Boca Spicy Chik’n patties.  While this meal was not vegan, it was supah tasty.  Check…it…out. 

Tonight I am going home to watch Bright Star, which is about John Keats and his muse Fannie.  What a name!  Although I’m really enjoying Movie Week 2010, I’m hoping this cold heads for the hills PRONTO. 


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