Meatless Bonanza!

I have been experimenting with all kinds of yummy soy based proteins lately, and have come across some gems in the form of Quorn southwestern chik’n wings. (which are more like nuggets) Holy soybeans, these are amazing. Spicy, chewy, delish! I’ve also been putting Lite Life’s pepperoni on my pita pizzas. Tasty addition but I think that I prefer all the veggie pies.

In addition to cutting back on bread, which I’m doing a horrible job at judging by the previous post, I am also making an effort to save dairy and fish for special occasions. So milk will be replaced with silk in coffee and cereal, and I’ll try not to plan meals around what I can cover with cheese. Sigh…it’s hard growing up and realizing that better choices need to be made. But I think my body will love me for it!


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