I have just discovered Word Press for iPhone- Hurray! Now I don’t have to use the “I’m really far to busy with other things to blog” excuse, which isn’t of course an excuse but reality. Hmm, I wonder if my iPosts will look different than my normal ones. Oh well, we shall see!

Since my last post, the big guy has come and gone over a glorious weekend trip, I have re-started the half marathon training plan, had a wonderful friend visit from Texas, and am trying to cut the needless crap out of my diet, starting with bread. Which is my freaking favorite!

The big guy went back to Boston but his oatmeal that I don’t eat stayed behind, so I made big plans for it…banana bread y’all! This was probably the easiest recipe ever and the bread came out devine. Supah crunchy on the outside with a moist chewy middle. The recipe can be found on the McCanns Irish Oatmeal website…

Wait, I just realized that followed up a declaration of abstinence from bread with a post about banana bread. Shit, I have a problem people. Oh well, here are my glorious photos.


One response to “iBloggin

  1. Preston March 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Looks tasty! Red nail polish…nice.

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