My Spirit Animal is a Vegetable

Yesterday was a lovely food and fun-filled day.  Started my morning off right with a crisp pink lady apple and an Americano from the ‘bucks.

Fortunately I have the good sense to eat much more than just an apple & coffee per day, or I’d end up looking like Christian Bale in The Machinist.  Not good.  (Seriously an apple & coffee was all Mr. Bale ate daily in preparation for this role)

So on to more pleasant things, I ate my tofu curry leftovers for lunch and they were just as good as they were the day before.  I also found a printable bear mask online, so I was ready to go for the Spirit Animal party!  Headed home after work and had a serious jonesin’ for some vegetables so I decided to try to replicate a lovely side dish from my new favorite restaurant, Vert Kitchen.  They make a roasted cauliflower side that’s amazing, and from what I can tell is roasted with onions, parmesan cheese and some yet-to-be-identified green spice.  Well, cauliflower does not a dinner make, so I also tossed in some broccoli, asparagus and red peppers.

A Paula Deen sized hunk o butter into the pan with some shallots and garlic.  Sautee that shizz then toss the veggies in to coat.

Spread veggies in single layer on roasting pan, roast in le oven at 375 till everything’s crispy.  Sprinkle w/ Parm.  Voila!

I ate this goodness with a side salad of romaine, balsamic & apples, and of course a glass of vino & some truffles for dessert.

After scarfing this down, I got dressed in as much brown as I could find and then donned my bear mask and headed over to the Spirit Animal birthday party.  With some unique costumes, a fantastic birthday girl and $6 pitchers of Bud Light, fun was had by all animals in attendance.



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