Ginger Park

I said I’d dedicate and entire post to our dinner in Boston at Ginger Park, and here it is…We went on Thursday which is the “Spice is Nice” night, offering 4 savory and spicy courses at a predetermined price.  That is what the big guy chose, while Iordered off the menu and had shrimp and mushroom dumpling followed by the spicyest dish of the night, pan noodles with tofu.  Check out the yummers:

Big Guy’s first course: Hot and Sour soup.  Didn’t try this as it had chicken in it, but BG said it was really tasty. 

My amuse: Shitake and Shrimp Dumplings.  Was hoping these would be the soft dumpling variety, stuffed full of mushrooms.  The insides were primarily shrimp, the shrooms were an afterthought.  Good, but definitely the least exciting part of the meal.

Big guy’s second app: Spicy Wok Fired Shrimp.  Loved the cream sauce in the lower right, it had a very slight avocadoey flavor. 

My main: Pan noodles with Snow Tofu.  This was the best dish of the night, and so super spicy.  Amazing!

BG’s main: Jerk chicken.  Looked so good and gave off a heavenly maple brown sugar smell.  Didn’t try it, obviously, but BG said it was really good, however much sweeter than it was spicy. 


Dessert: Lemongrass Creme Brulee. Light, Fresh, Delicious and gone in about 4 bites.

Added surprise: Ginger Park’s homemade hot chocolate to finish off the meal.  Pretty sure I made some creepy groaning noises while drinking this.  It was fan-freaking-tastic.


On a side note, I am really glad I’m not a smoker, and doubly glad I’m not a smoker in Boston.  Is that price normal??!


One response to “Ginger Park

  1. carissajaded January 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Eh that is just awful. The food looks great actually, but the price of cigs? What are they in Denver. NM if I move there I’ll have to quit I guess…

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