Tears in my Fried Rice

Yesterday was a thoroughly delicious day, as I tried out one of Miss SnackFace’s delicious snacky combos of Fage Greek Yogurt, Raspberry Preserves and Chocolate Chips.  In her words: gasm.  Definitely a new favorite.

I might be a little heavy handed with both the jam and the chocolate chips, but who cares?

Didn’t take a picture of what I had after this because it was a boring spinach salad.

Moving on to the plans for the evening…decided to try my hand at making some tofu and fried rice.  Began by cooking brown rice and setting it aside.   Put 1 tbsp Olive Oil into a pan and added garlic, mushrooms, onion, shredded carrots and shelled edamame.  Sautee it up till tender and fragrant, set aside.  No point in washing out the pan cause you want all of those yummy flavors to blend, so go ahead and add another tbsp oil and throw in three beaten eggs.  Stir around until cooked but still slightly soft.  Toss in with the veg mixture.  Lastly, add one last tbsp oil to the pan, and quickly pan fry your rice.  When it’s looking yummy, mix in your veggie/egg mixture, shake a bit of soy sauce on top and serve it up!

Cooked up some Tofu and doused it with the Siriacha/Hoisin/Soy Sauce mixture for some added PRO-TEIN!

Consumed this delicious meal while watching The Kite Runner.  Not that I expected it to be a comedy or anything but I literally cried for most of the movie and felt like I had been hit over the head when it was all finished.  Absolutely beautiful film, though. 


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