Went to one of Boulder’s Vegetarian Restaurants, Leaf, last night.  The atmosphere was subdued and cozy, the drinks were strong and the food was beautiful.  Sadly, however, someone in the kitchen last night was really heavy-handed with the salt.   My mom’s friend, Suzanne, even thought for a second that our server mistakenly ground up salt instead of pepper on top of her pasta.  Now I love salt more than the average bear, but this was a bit much even for me.  But anyhow, on to the photos…

For starters: Samosas (it’s a fried pastry stuffed with yummy goodness, how can you not like?)

My meal: Bi Bim Bop (bean sprouts, spinach, teriyaki tofu, pickles, cabbage,  jasmine rice and a soft egg)

Mom’s Meal: Polenta Napoleon (it had Fontina cheese on top, what else matters?)

Suzanne’s Deliciousness: Raw Pasta with Zucchini and Squash “noodles”, pine nut “ricotta” and marinara sauce

I really liked Leaf, and my Dirty Martini was a big treat and muy delicioso, but I would have a hard time getting excited about going back if I thought the salt issue was not just a fluke but a regular issue in the kitchen.  I must have guzzled 8 cups of water during dinner and was still parched on the drive back to Denver.  What fixes a parched throat you ask?

$1.07 worth of heaven, y’all.  Now I have definitely read some scary shit about how McDonald’s processes their beef and what exactly goes in to their “Hamburgers” but I’ve never read anything scary about the delight that is the Vanilla cone.  Eat on, my friends!


One response to “Leafage

  1. carissajaded January 13, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    mmmm that looks delish. (The ice cream cone especially!!!)

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