Soccer, Pancakes and Venue, Oh My!

Yesterday began at 7:20, when I stumbled out of bed, washed my face and headed to pick up the big guy (with sheet prints still on my face) to go watch the Arsenal/Everton game at a local soccer bar.  Landon Donovan got his first start for the Toffees, and the game was great until Arsenal scored the winner to make it 3-2 in extra time.  I was really rooting for Everton, as they were serious underdogs in this matchup.  Anyhow, after soccer we made it back to the casa to cook up some cakes. 

Check it:


Preparation (Beautiful sunburst from the Vanilla)

All Mixed Up

In the Pan

On the Plate, En Route to my Tummy

Ooooh yeah, pancake heaven.  Recipe can be found here.

This fantastic day was topped off by a much anticipated date night to Venue in the Highlands area of Denver.

Favorite dish of the night came first…Shrimp & Grits.  The unanimous winner was savory, creamy, spicy and just downright amazing.  One of the best dishes I’ve ever had in Denver.

Cheese Plate, pretty Standard

My Entree: Gnocchi with squash, mushrooms and a poached egg

(Yah, I totally started cutting up and digging in before I remembered to snap a pic)

Big Guy’s Entree: Seared Scallops with white beans and a smoky tomato sauce

I love eating with the big guy because he’s a big sharer.  We normally eat about half of what we’ve ordered and then switch plates, so I got to enjoy a lot of everything.  And as normal,  I liked the Big Guy’s food better, and he liked mine better.  Perfecto!



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