Coming up Roses

I’m so excited for this weekend, because I’m starting it off in the most proper fashion.  Going to wake up at 7am tomorrow to go watch the Arsenal/Everton game at a local soccer bar.  Awesome!  Not to mention the big guy is taking me on a big date tomorrow night to a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to- Venue.  Can you smell the shrimp and cheese grits from where you’re sitting? 

Yesterday was all about making some healthy pizzas and gettin’ my Rose Bowl on.  I told my uncle Mike of my pizza making plans to which he replied, “Healthy Pizza…isn’t that an oxymoron?”  Oh no my friend, it isn’t .  Check out the deliciousness below.  “Healthy Pizza” and Side Salad, y’all:


Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!!  To make your very own healthy pizza you need a minimum of four things:

Whole Wheat Pitas, Hummus, Feta Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes

Then you can go berzerker with your toppings- whatever your fancy.  On my pie is black olives, artichoke hearts, red and yellow peppers and a healthy sprinkle of fresh spinach.  (Oh, and some Siriacha sauce for a kick!)

Make it work:  Oven to 350, Pitas in oven by themselves just long enough to start to crisp up (5-8 mins).  Remove pitas, slather with hummus and add chopped tomatoes and toppings of choice.  Sprinkle with feta.  Put back in oven.  When everything is looking all roasted and melty, pull the pizzas out, cut into quarters and dig in!  If you want to put the fresh spinach on top, sprinkle it right before the pizzas are done- it only needs about 3 minutes to get a little warm and weepy, which is how I like it on my pies!

The big guy and I ate this pizza while watching the Longhorns lose the BCS National Championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m from Dallas and my entire family are Longhorn fans.  There were a lot of broken hearts in the Lone Star State last night and for that I’m sad.  I’m sure that today most Horns fans would agree with Outkast that Roses Really Smell like Poo Poo.


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