Curried Fiesta Bowl

Back to work on Monday, found out I was approved for an iPhone within my department so that lovely piece of technology will be arriving in my un-manicured hands sometime in the next few days.  Nevermind the fact that to this day I have been unable to dial numbers on said phone when it has been borrowed from friends.  Hopefully the learning curve is short…

I met my dear friend Mack for lunch at one of my local Denver favorites, Pajama Baking Company.  I love their build your own sandwich notepad and homemade soups.  Best soup I’ve ever had was at PBC, and I’ve been asking the big guy if he thinks they will tell me how they make it.  He thinks no, but today I ballsed up and asked the chef.  Here’s how the convo went…

Me: I heard you’re the guy who makes the Curry Tomato Soup! 

Curry Tomato Soup Chef (aka Steve): Yes, that would be me. 

Me: Well, it’s basically my favorite soup I’ve ever had, and if you were to slip the recipe in along with my sandwich, I wouldn’t tell. 

 Soup Genius Steve:  Recipe?  Eh, I don’t use those.  I just close my eyes and cook. 

Me: Jealous silence. 

That was the actual conversation, but it moved along in a way that Steve told me he would make my beloved soup sometime within the next few days, and he would try to write down the recipe and save it for me.  Oh the joy of the local joint, and the cook who enjoys seeing his customers taste buds jump for joy.  (He brought us out a bowl of his homemade mashed potatoes just to try!)  My convo with Mack, plus the interaction with Steve absolutely made my day.  Tomato Curry Soup recipe to follow shortly.  (Fingers crossed)

Well, regarding lunch I had a veggie sammie on french baguette along with cup of Peanut Coconut Curry soup which was savory and delicious with huge chunks of vegetables in it.  Where’s the picture Bella?  Oh yeah, Bella was too much of a oinker during lunch to remember to photograph the comida.  When will this crucial food-blogger instinct kick in?

Oh well, on to the next one.  Dinner came around after a pathetic attempt at the rec center.   Pretended to work out for about 40 minutes and then literally sat and read the Wall Street Journal while the BG finished his ab work.  Pathetic.  Got home and was ravenous (from what?) and had the usual for amuse.  Leftover peppers & cucumbers from the yurt, and some Sabra. 

I decided to channel my low level of energy into a delish meal and managed to whip together this:  ‘Sauteed Shrooms, of course, with Spinach, along with steamed broccoli and a spicy salmon burger.  Notice the pepperocinis on the side, for some spice.  (Great Photo Skillz!!)

 Add in a glass of Chard and the Fiesta Bowl and that makes for a tasty evening, my friends. (Until the Frogs lost- BOOOOO)


3 responses to “Curried Fiesta Bowl

  1. carissajaded January 6, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Yay for your new Iphone!! And what I would have given for that dude to have said “No soup for you!”

  2. Jay January 6, 2010 at 11:09 am

    How awesome will it be if you find out that Steve’s secret ingredient is ground up beetles or pureed calves brain?

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