Inglorious Brussels Sprouts

Tuesday was rather uneventful, after a short night of babysitting turned into a long night of cleaning out my closet.  Why these sort of things seem urgent at 11pm I’ll never know.  Woke up and decided to kick my day off with a whole lotta love yellow.  Naner boo and a Kashi bar.  Not in pictured: stale coffee with powdered creamer (yuck) in ugly office coffee mug.  Somtimes a lady gets a little desperate, y’all. 

I packed my lunch so I didn’t have another opportunity to totally fail and forget to snap a photo.  Enter my favorite microwaveable item ever, the Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger.  Ready in a minute and completely tasty eaten all by its lonesome.  To add some more color to my plate, some yellow peppers and carrots with what else?  Toasted Pine Nut Sabra for dipping.  Orange off to the side for some extra Vita-C, and three delicioso y poquito candy cane chocolate treats for dessert.  I may or may not have eaten all three at once. 

The rest of my day went by rather uneventfully…made it  home and was desperate for an after school snack.  Had not one but two of the closest thing to a candy bar that I eat:  The  Clif Mojo Bar.  It has chocolate, it has pretzels, it has peanut butter, it gets devoured in three bites.

And no, that’s not the big guy’s hand, it’s mine.  And no, I didn’t play basketball in high school.  Anyhow, after my 2x snacking, I got myself on down to the Rec and cranked out 4 miles on the treadmill.  My iPod recently decided to stop responding to my urgent button pressing, and so running on the treadmill has been more like chinese water torture than excercise.  Especially when the guy next to you lets out a loud grunt with every 5th left foot step.  For 45 minutes.  Luckily my big guy is a kind, caring soul and lent me his pod for the run, so I was among friends.  Time goes by much faster with Moby, Regina Spektor, Ryan Adams, and Silversun Pickups along for the jog. 

After the sweat session, it was back home to cook up some din-din.  But I was so ready to eat that I had to get my snackface on first.  Stacy’s, Sabra and a Tripple are such a perfect way to end the day.  My brew was only half gone when I was done munching, so it made the trip upstairs and joined me in the shower.  Yes, that’s right: Sometimes I drink beer in the shower.  That tradition started back in college when I needed to get ready to go out and was short on time to “pre-party”.  Funny enough, these days having the beer in the shower IS the party… 

But I digress…so let’s move on to dinner.  Here’s the lowdown:  Tofu sliced and lightly pan-fried with an impromptu Asian sauce (Hoisin, Soy & Siriacha) along with roasted brussels sprouts (rinse, trim dead leaves, slice in half and toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, roast on pan at 375, turning until desired crispiness is achieved) and a baked sweet potato with big globs of Smart Balance and Vindaloo spice from a local shop.


Yum yum yum yum yum.  Ate it all.  While watching Inglorious Basterds.  Love that movie!  Love most Tarantino movies, although I don’t always do well with the gory stuff.  I was explaining this to my mother and sister-in-law the other night, as they were talking about how they would never watch his movies because they are so violent, etc.  I chirped in: “But the violence is over the top on purpose! It’s supposed to be comedic!”  What I actually love about Tarantino is all of the women in his films are strong, brave and in every case I can think of, victorious. His female characters having the, ahem, cojones, to really stick it to the bad guys which leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside despite the scalping, dismemberment, shotgun blasts, sword fights, fists down throats, strangling, and general bloody mayhem.


2 responses to “Inglorious Brussels Sprouts

  1. Michelle (Snacks and Field) December 30, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    yumm brussel sprouts!-how long did you put them in the oven for? and how are those Stacy’s chips, i saw a HUGEE bag of ’em today in Costco for like $3 i was tempted to get them but decided against it :/

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