Snackday Sunday

My post-Christmas Sunday was spent lounging around the big guy’s house, watching the Manchester United-Hull game and snacking my face off.  I realized 3/4 of the way in to the delightful veggie wraps I prepared us for lunch that I’m never going to be much of a quasi-food blogger without pictures of what I eat.  As far as Sunday December 27th goes, I get an F.  So turn on your imaginations, amigos, for a quick trip through my tasty day.

Breakfast was Coffee (French Press with Hazlenut Splenda and Silk Creamer) and a huge Gala Apple and juicy Orange.   For lunch I made veg-tastic wraps.  Stuffed inside a whole wheat tortilla was sautéed ‘shrooms & spinach, Red Pepper Sabra, falafels,  and a drizzle of Siriacha (rooster) sauce.  On the side- Corazonas w/ a squeeze of lime and some chunky, spicy salsa.  Mmm que linda!

I got a super special treat in the afternoon by way of a text from my girl LG.  She was unexpectedly in town for an extra night and wanted to grab dinner.  Um, of course!  We ventured over to Houstons, the Dallas turned Cherry Creek hotspot for the yupster crowd.  Don’t mind the yupster stuff so much because the food is always good.  Under dimmed lights and live jazz music we shared some Spinach Dip and a few glasses of wine.  I did a cannonball into one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had.  The patty was made with brown rice, sautéed mushrooms and almonds for added crunch.  Topped with avo’s, lettuce, tomatoes this burger pretty much sent me into orbit.  Don’t miss the real thing a scosh when I find substituting foods this satisfying and hearty. 

Dropped miss L off after dinner and headed back to the big guy’s house to watch Food, Inc.  I didn’t enjoy watching some parts of this movie, particularly the slaughterhouse and mass-production of animals bits.  Outside of that, there wasn’t much in this documentary that I didn’t know already.  Non-organic foods are washed with pesticides- Duh.   There are no seasons in the American Supermarket- Duh.  Meats are dipped in chlorine to “clean” them before packaging and sending-Duh.   One particular part that kind of irked me was when the CEO of Stoneyfield Farm talked about how he thought his company was saving the world by putting organic foods into Wal-Mart.  I’m not rallying against Wal-Mart in any form, and really love that healthier choices are made available to consumers who shop at discount stores, but for him to try to spin that as anything but a profitable business decision was a bit ridiculous.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?


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