Pumpkin Pancakes with Stars

Due to my heavy handed pouring of the vino on Christmas Night, I woke up the next morning with an el serioso need for some sustinance.  Enter the punkin pancakes!  Using Krusteaz Oat Bran instant pancake mix, some leftover pumpkin, water and cinnamon I quickly whipped up a delicious breakfast.  Drizzled some pecans and Agave nectar on top for an extra kick of flavor, and it was delish.  I think my diabetes-inducing Mrs Butterworth days are over.  Agave nectar is ah-mazing.  Here’s the lowdown in pictures:

Recipe: (1 c. mix, a little less than 2/3 c. water, 1/2 c. punkin & hearty shake of cinnamon)  Check out Mr. Potter making a cameo in the third photo…when at my parents he can always be trusted  to deliver my daily dose of caffeine.   I wish I had a HP mug at my own casa becasue then I’d have no use for all the others.  After breakfast I got all of my Christmas goodies together and I left my parents house and drove back to Denver.  When I got home I decided to go for a run on snow packed sidewalks in 20 degree weather.  A little ambitious, no?  Well I got about half a block away from my condo and thought eff this!  I promptly turned around and went back inside, stripped off my tights in favor of the best shorts ever, and hit my condo’s “gym”.  The word gym is in quotes because our pathetic little room is really anything but.  The machines are archaic and make horrible screeching noises.  The treadmill is stuck on a 3% incline and will make an angry mama pig noise if you dare to adjust it.  So how far did I run on the 3% squealing pig machine you ask?  A mere mile.  Lame-o…

Oh well, on to bigger and much more fun things.  Like going to see my former favorite hockey team play my current favorite hockey team!  I was a lucky duck and got 6 tickets in Row 3 so my entire family could go.  I definitely did NOT spend most of the game trying to get a picture of Mike Modano’s handsome hiney. 

Looking pretty good at 39, sir.  There are only about 24 more pictures where that came from…I think both my mama and I let out a little squeak of delight when he first buzzed by our seats during warmups.  You can take the girls out of Dallas but you can’t take Dallas out of the girls!  The Avs ended up winning 4-1 and the Blue Moons were a-flowin so everyone had a great time. 


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