J’adore, J’aime

Today was amazing.  Far and away the best Christmas I’ve had in recent years.  I had such a wonderful, relaxing time with my family, just hanging out, eating (delish spinach dip, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, braided bread, etc), sharing and just having a good time.   I started my day in the best possible way:  Coffee con sugar-free vanilla syrup, fat-free half and half and whipped cream.  No, I don’t normally put whipped cream on my coffee, but this is a special occasion.  When I stay at my parents house, I drink coffee out of a Harry Potter mug and put whipped cream on it.  Heaven in a mug, I swear…

Outside of the coffee, I’m so excited about some of the gifts I’ve received.  Once my 7 glasses of wine hangover fades tomorrow, I will dive enthusiastically into the following:

Thank you thank you so much Carissa (she will surely get mentioned every day on this blog) for recommending this book to me.  I’m beyond over the moon excited about reading it.  I’m in a place in where I don’t really eat meat but am a scared to classify myself as a vegetarian.  My loving, creative, humorous friend thought enough to recommend this to me, and I’m so ready to read it.  Jonathan Safran Foer began the process for this book when he found out that his wife was pregnant, and wanted to really research how foods were made so he would be educated about what exactly he was feeding his kid.    Thank you mom, for buying this book for me even though you might be the runner-up for the world’s number one lover of beef (behind your husband…)  And thank you immeasurably to Carissa for being a better friend than I can ever put into words.

Secondly, I received this gem.  Again: THANK YOU MOM!

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus I’m so amped about baking from this book.  It’s vegan, gluten-free and mostly sugar-free. (Someone has made healthy cupcakes? Holy cow!!! Count me in, I’m a w-h-o-r-e for sweets)  Did I mention the recipes are for scones, muffins, bread, cookies, cupcakes and cakes?  I’m in angels-dancing-around-while-serving-ice-cream-HEAVEN.   I was salivating flipping through the pages, and am beyond beyond excited about baking the strawberry shortcake on page 41.  I will devote a post to this process, entirely, at a later date…I promise.  Just believe me when I tell you that I had a hard time not licking the pages of this book as all of the treats look THAT amazing…

Thirdly, I received a hand-crafted gift: my favorite kind.  A few years ago, I was teasing my mom for wearing granny panties.  While to this day she insists that they are “French Cut” and absolutely not granny panties, the debate remains.  During this argument, I drew a picture of what women should and should not wear to cover their lady parts.  Upon seeing this rudimentary sketch, my thoughtful, lovely, graphic-designer sister-in-law took this simple scratching and turned it into an artful gift for my mother and I.  I adore it.

What was your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus gift?


One response to “J’adore, J’aime

  1. carissajaded December 28, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Aww thanks for the shout out! And im so happy you are reading that book. And you’re gonna have to pass it on since I haven’t read it yet!

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