Crafty Holiday Love

Hi Punkins!

I’m using my mother’s term of endearment for all three of you faithful readers, because it’s Christmas Eve and this time of year you are supposed to be nice to everyone.  (Shout out to the lady in the Argonaut parking lot who honked and gestured angrily to me when I didn’t keep up with her maniac driving speed!)

I’m not much of a holiday person, a fact that I hope will change at some point as I’m sure my yet-to-be-thought-about-or-conceived children will be disappointed that they drew the short end of the “Moms who go ape-shit over holidays” stick.  Anyhow, a few months ago my brother let me know that he’d like to make a table covered with beer bottle caps, and asked me if I would mind saving some caps for him.  Rejoice!  This is a Christmas miracle, people, as I really love my brother, crafty things, and drinking beer.  (There will surely be future posts dedicated solely to that very subject)  So without further adieu here are the fruits of my “labor” over the past couple months:

Ain’t it bee-utiful?  Have any of you tried all of these beers?  There are a lot of Colorado brews in there, as I love to drink local. While collecting all of these tops, I thought often of my friend Carissa, who given any material and enough time will improvise (aka craft) jewelry, clothing, furniture, and various home furnishings.  Now I’ve seen plenty of Art that was literally made from trash, which makes me wonder if Carissa’s car is not really a car, but the world’s longest running mobile art exhibit.


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